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The outdated financial ecosystem can’t meet the needs of today’s customers. Let’s shape the industry together.
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At S-PRO, we help FinTech companies scale by using contemporary technologies to improve the customer experience, optimize internal processes, and create new products.
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Product Discovery Phase

Collecting and analyzing information about your project, its market, and its end users allows us to clearly define the project goals, scope of work, and limitations as well as assess business opportunities and prepare a solution vision.

Product Design

This is a complex multi-step process at the junction of engineering, management, and graphic design. It provides a comprehensive understanding of what the final product will look like and feel like. It also defines what tasks the product will handle and with what tools it will do so.

Product Engineering Phase

Establish the roadmap and the team to provide a predictable development process. Create efficient projects with the latest technologies and brand-new approaches.

Friends & Clients
Lucky Bassi

CEO & Co-Founder at JobDone

Our Cases Studies

We helped our client build an application that optimizes cash flows and makes them more predictable through digitizing the payment collection process. For our client, this means organizing hockey games has become less labor-intensive and more convenient for both players and skating rink owners.


We implemented a secure and easy to use assistant called MeterQubes that helps users enjoy trading on the cryptocurrency market. MeterQubes allows wallet-to-wallet exchanges and trading of ERC-20 tokens. The platform is intuitive to navigate for both users and admins.


Our client came with an idea for a convenient and user-centered mobile app called CryptoTap for cryptocurrency payments and investments. We provided the planning stage for this project, giving our business partners detailed product specifications and estimates.


A solution that allows users to lend or borrow money based on the stable coin and smart contracts that guarantee the fixed interest rate and conditions at the moment of contract creation.

Product prototype in 2-6 weeks

Time to market is crucial in the FinTech industry. Given the competition, you need to make your product quicker, better, and more efficient than others. We’re here to make that happen.

Why Us
Standardized FinTech Security Practices & Requirements

· PCI DSS/PA DSS Compliance
· PSD2 Integration
· Compliance with International Financial Reporting Standards

Experience with The Leading FinTech Companies

We collaborate with large FinTech clients whose projects are integrated with complex payment systems and core banking systems.

Blockchain as a Solution for FinTech

We have experience integrating FinTech projects with blockchains. With the advent of the blockchain, confidentiality has become algorithmically guaranteed: business data in a blockchain is encrypted from start to finish.

Fintech Recruitment

We recruit employees with a focus on FinTech, either with a mathematical background or experience in backoffices. We also attract external niche advisors and subject matter experts.

Fintech security and regulatory compliance. Best practices and checklists.
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