Get professional product advisory and a full-stack team for software delivery

S-PRO is an innovative software development and consulting partner. We help technology-based companies to be flexible, adaptive and mobile in the fast-changing world.

Our approach

We create the technical heart of your product and make processes simple and understandable.


Product engineering is a complex thing. We organize work processes in a simple and transparent way for all participants. And make them as simple as a strategy doomed to success.


We close the gap between solution advisory and product engineering, making development processes simple and easy to follow. Our R&D lab of analysts and solution architects will figure out all the ‘’hows’’ regarding business models, monetization, and digital transformations.


We see a future where all markets are dominated by tech companies and work hard to accelerate this process. We help agile-minded people to succeed in technology challenges.

Our offerings for tech partnership


Make the right moves from proof of concept to sustainable development with raising investments. We’ll have your back with advisory on business models and monetization strategies.

Series A / Growth

Enhance your product development with a flexible full-stack dedicated team. You can also rely on our R&D department to find new revenue streams.

R&D lab

The department supports enterprises in experiments with new business models, validation of additional revenue streams and tech scope scaling.

From founders for founders

Our CEO&CTO take part in all of our projects. However, if you need them to devote more time to your case and share their expertise in terms of product nuances and strategy, that exclusive format of cooperation will be your best choice.

Industries of proven expertise

  • FinTech
  • Peeer-to-peer platforms
  • Personal finances tools
  • Trading platforms
  • Financial analytics
  • Mobility
  • Cloud-based enterprise collaboration systems
  • Enterprise automation
  • Fleet management
  • Connectivity, visibility, and traceability
  • Healthcare
  • Digital applications for hospital staff interaction
  • EHR & ERM systems
  • E-prescribing Software
  • Medical Billing
  • Renewable Energy
  • Predictive analysis
  • Distributed Energy Resources Management system
  • CRM&ERP software solutions
  • Forecasting and analytics

Case Studies

Mevo. An app that boosts revenue by teaching sales on brand details. Adopted by brands like Miele, Huawei, Red Bull, Diesel, Samsung, and Salomon.

Our team

S-PRO is a full-stack software development company of 150 full-time in-house professionals providing solutions based on technology, creativity, and innovation. Our team is reinforced by the analysts, the architects, and the R&D department who will help to find a solution that fits the best for your business. We have 5 years of experience with full life-cycle software development. During this time we completed 120+ successful projects and looking forward to having more interesting challenges.

We Offer

  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Web App Development
  3. Enterprise Automatization
  4. Blockchain Development
  5. Mobile App Development
  6. Design & Branding

Artificial Intelligence

We possess the expertise to provide powerful AI solutions. With the help of artificial intelligence we can transform scattered data into valuable insight.

Clients Say

Antoine Chiron

Founder & CEO, Collabri Ltd.

The app is functional and bug-free, meeting the expectations of the internal team. S-PRO is available and adaptable, making changes to their project management process as necessary to fit the client's needs. The team is creative, attentive, and knowledgeable.



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