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It's easy to come up with a good idea, but it's much more difficult to sell it to a stranger.

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We are specialists in the implementation of successful commercial ideas. For more than three years we have been working in the field of business apps and we have real cases of startups that took off.

Our experience and knowledge will allow you to avoid wrong steps and better understand the market conditions.

In addition, it is always important to find a technology partner that is convenient to work with.

Our business analyst will conduct a detailed analysis of your idea, build an optimal way for its development and take care of making it successful.

In the process of analyzing the idea, we will establish close communication, get to know each other better and adjust the future fruitful cooperation.

Our process

Research market analysis

Market research work, the identification of competitors

Features for idea

Creating an optimal list of features for your idea

Checking the idea

Analysis of the idea from the point of view of success in business

Target market

Creating a portrait of your potential client

Idea specification

Drawing up specifications for determining a good start for MVP

Development plan

Drawing up an optimal software product development plan

The customer receives

SWOT analysis

Market research for new business

Project specification

Competitors list

Let's develop your idea together!
Take the first step towards the
successful implementation of the idea!

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