Scrum development is an approach to software development in which the overall development process is divided into iterations.

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This makes it possible to control the development and after each iteration create builds - a working product with a list of implemented features.

This approach makes it possible to implement the most high-priority features and get users after each build, without waiting for the end of the entire product development.

An experienced scrum master will develop the most optimized product development strategy.

As our practice shows, this is the most optimal approach to the implementation of software development.

Our process


Dividing specifications into epics and sprints


Discussion of each sprint with the client


Receiving a ready-made product with ready-to-use features at the end of the sprint

The customer receives

The application is uploaded to the customer's server; the source code is in the repository.
The application is backed up on the market; the source code is in the repository.

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