Eugene Golovan

  Tech Lead. 15 years of experience in IT. Deep expertise in Big Data, Spark, Scala, Java, system architecture and project planning. Solid web programming & development experience.



8 Stories by Eugene Golovan

Top 5 Big Data Challenges Every AdTech Startup May Meet

In recent years, the advertising technology market has made a big leap. Digital marketing has evolved into data-driven marketing. Using big data, you can...
4 min read

Big Hype or Big Possibilities: Who Benefits from Big Data?

The term Big Data has been widely heard for many years. But not everyone has an exact idea of ​​what this concept represents. The...
3 min read

Why Do You Need to Use Apache Spark for Your Big Data Project

Have you heard of Apache Spark? It is a leading framework for processing big data. Let me introduce it to you! I first heard...
3 min read

What Is Data Management Platform and Why You Really Need It in Your Business

Have you ever noticed when some ad is chasing you after visiting a particular site? Just show interest in certain goods and use the...
5 min read

How I Made an iOS + Android App in 20 Days by Myself and What I Have Learned from It

Why it’s important How long does it take to build an app? What if it’s for two platforms at a time? What if you...
5 min read

Why You Should Use Redux Saga

We often use the Redux technology in our work. Not everyone is familiar with it. And some people don’t even know what it is...
2 min read

What Makes an App to Be a Progressive Web Application

Already in 2014, the audience of mobile devices users exceeded desktop users. Now there are people who have only mobile devices. Of course, as...
4 min read

How to Build a Mobile Application Using WordPress, Ionic, and Angular.js

In this tutorial, we will explain to you how to create a modern, hybrid, mobile application from your WordPress website. We’ll be using such...
3 min read