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How to Build a Mobile App Startup that Actually Makes Money

Some people might think that once you make an app, upload it to some Store and here you go—millions of bucks will suddenly rain...
7 min read

How to Turn a Website Into a Mobile App

Some business owners prefer a good “old school” website to a modern mobile application. Although around 20 years ago having a site was an...
6 min read

Most Popular Bitcoin Wallet Apps And How Do They Work?

Most new investors who have made their first bitcoin purchase struggle to find the best wallet to store their cryptocurrency assets. Guess, why? There...
7 min read

How Much Does It Cost to Design an App?

The design is the first thing a customer sees. It is crucial for app success. It has a significant influence on the traffic, getting...
5 min read

Why This Is a Good Idea to Hire Developers from Eastern Europe

Why in Eastern Europe? Well, don’t you want to get an application of the highest quality at the lowest price possible? That’s what everybody...
3 min read

Best Mobile Analytics Tools

As a business owner, you must admit that product development isn’t enough to hold leadership in the market. You should monetize your app and...
6 min read

How to Develop Android Studio Plugin

Plugins make developer’s life easier by giving an opportunity to add specific features to the already existing programs and this way improving the development...
5 min read

Mobile App Monetization Strategies

The current development of the world market led to a constant increase in mobile app monetization. On average, smartphone owners spend a month in...
7 min read

15 Up-to-Date Mobile App Design Trends 2018

In any sphere, trends reflect the needs and behavior of people. This ongoing process of constant changes is everywhere—, especially in a mobile app...
6 min read