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50 Stories by Yulia Zorkina

Top 10 Design Trends in 2017

Given that we are a company that develops advanced digital products, we need to keep up with trends in design to meet the needs of...
4 min read

How to Find Great Blockchain Developers?

Talented blockchain developers are a little like diamonds: they’re hard to find and expensive to get. What if you have your own business idea...
7 min read

7 Steps to Your Blockchain Startup

An ordinary situation: you want to buy some specific item, but it’s not available in your local shops. You go to online stores and...
12 min read

Case Study: Breakout. 9 Months with React Native on the Multiuser Project

“Anytime I needed anything, they were available for me” — Roman Levandovsky What it’s all about? It was a long journey for our software development team. However,...
7 min read

Why You Need to Use Vim?

What can encourage you to change your IDE (Integrated development environment)? Yeah, that’s the thing that helps developers to create the desired applications. We...
1 min read