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  CEO, Co-founder. Innovative and commercially-minded Creative Technologist. Solid experience in product & market needs analysis, business strategy development & team leadership.


Igor Izraylevych

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Customer-oriented FinTech: 10 key trends in 2021. Part II

You can read the first part of this article here. For those who for some reason don’t like to follow the links, let me...
4 min read

S-PRO Proud to be a Number One Software Development Partner in Ukraine by Clutch!

Here at S-PRO, we know it can be taxing for any new business to balance effective software development while also keeping up with your...
1 min read

Customer-oriented FinTech: 10 key trends in 2021

FinTech is a growing industry at the intersection of technology and financial services. This is a powerful incentive for technological progress, which expands its...
7 min read

How to Brainstorm New Startup Ideas? The Startup Idea Matrix

Startup Idea Matrix by Eric Stromberg Ideas are more valuable than money Blue Ocean strategy How to brainstorm startup ideas: techniques and tools Why...
7 min read

Why Build a Micro-Investment App Right Now Is a Good Idea?

  Illustration by Boyko Investment app development has become a new trend in the financial world. Do you want to start your day with...
6 min read

Top 5 Issues that are Slowing Down Software Development Workflow

Another great webinar from S-PRO specialists is already available. Today, we will be discussing top issues that appear in the process of web and...
5 min read

S-PRO was recognized as a Top Development Partner in Ukraine by Clutch!

Here at S-PRO, we know it can be taxing on any new project to keep up with the latest and greatest software techniques while...
49 sec read

S-PRO is listed in TOP-100 Companies with Programs for Corporate Social Responsibility by IAOP.

  Recently, the worldwide famous association of outsourcing companies, the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals, conducted an independent assessment of the capabilities of outsourcing...
47 sec read

6 Wealth Management Technology Trends to Outpace Your Competitors

The wealth industry is in the middle of considerable changes. The COVID-19 crisis has collapsed the whole industry. Companies are now embracing the latest...
4 min read