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  CEO, Co-founder. Innovative and commercially-minded Creative Technologist. Solid experience in product & market needs analysis, business strategy development & team leadership.


Igor Izraylevych

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S-PRO is listed in TOP-100 Companies with Programs for Corporate Social Responsibility by IAOP.

  Recently, the worldwide famous association of outsourcing companies, the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals, conducted an independent assessment of the capabilities of outsourcing...
47 sec read

6 Wealth Management Technology Trends to Outpace Your Competitors

The wealth industry is in the middle of considerable changes. The COVID-19 crisis has collapsed the whole industry. Companies are now embracing the latest...
4 min read

Key Things to Know Before Developing a Mobile-Only Banking Application

Today is featured by the fast transition into the digital world. After the global lockdown, many businesses have started rethinking their processes, and the...
8 min read

Top 5 Challenges in Cooperation with Outsourcing Companies

On the 20th of May, the S-PRO C-level in partnership with InnMind hosted an online webinar to discuss the main challenges startup founders face...
2 min read

Digital payment innovations in 2020 which simplify business financial operations and save money

A customer-centric approach makes businesses and institutions focus on studying customer behavior. This way, we observed how the value of money changed from generation...
5 min read

How Startups Can Survive the Coronavirus Economic Crisis

The novel coronavirus outbreak has become an unexpected challenge for the global economy and businesses. There is no safe place to hide from the...
7 min read

Coronavirus for businesses: a disaster or a tremendous opportunity?

The rapid spread of coronavirus that first emerged in China and now affected the whole world has led to an unprecedented jump in the...
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Check Your Idea Chances to Become Successful!

Wanna build a prosperous business? Learn about the valuable conclusions and useful recommendations with market research analysis before launching the idea. A professional marketer...
4 min read

How to Make Sure That Your Idea Will Work?

You have an awesome idea, your imagination paints pictures of heady success, you are ready to jump into the implementation of your brilliant business...
6 min read