10 logo design trends that will rock in 2018
2017 is coming to an end. Now is the best moment to make conclusions and find out what's gonna be the most important when designing the logo.

We perfectly know how important it is to stand out among the competitors in business. Brand identity serves this goal, it helps your startup be recognizable, memorable, and attractive for future clients. Logo is the most important part of it, as it will be present on each and every thing: website, business card, banner, etc.

Here we have collected some info that will be useful both for someone only dreaming about own startup and those who might wanna consider renewing its identity. If you're feeling fashionable and want to add some contemporary flair to your designs, check out these 10 logo design trends that will wow your customers in 2018. Don't thank us! Or do...
#1. Simplification
It's long-term and is based on the maximum simplification of the form, minimizing the number of colors and graphic elements used. In 2017 a new trend became very popular—a clear and readable font in combination with basic geometric shapes. It helps to effectively identify a logo among others thanks to a harmonious and complete composition. Using simple graphic elements allows to achieve an interesting visual effect without excessive complication.

The resulting logo with distinct large elements looks equally good everywhere—from the company's website to a business card. Many famous companies used this trend in their own rebranding, like the one almost everyone encounters in everyday life—Mastercard.
#2. Letter stacking
It may seem hard, but that's when the logo text is positioned into an original column. It is allowed to use additional symbols, contrast colors and other effects that do not distract your attention from the perception of the text itself. It is not new, but still doesn't lean back.
#3. Lettering
Simplification can be clearly seen in the trends of next year, but lettering is unlikely to lose its place among the popular styles. It will still be used in creating logos for photographers, cafes, barbershops, bakeries and so on.
#4. Negative space
This trend gone far from it was earlier, now the emphasis has shifted to the text component of the logo: the letters or their intersections became a suitable field for working with negative space. Negative spaces are less popular than positive. However, it generates a clean and simple image.
#5. Gradients
Smooth transitions from one color to another when styling an icon, a text, or a logo are still popular, especially for compositions with large and massive fonts.
#6. Overlapping
Superposition of two bright colors with the third became very popular nowadays. Bold colors attract the eye and leave a mark. Mastercard was among the first ones who started it. By the way, that's what we used in our new logo.
#7. Responsiveness
The endless assortment of devices and screen sizes has provoked designers and developers to experiment with various ways to make designs adapt to the user's device as a one-website-fits-all solution. It has began not now, but continues evolving into new forms, more companies refresh their logos into the new simplified designs.
#8. Animation
The main benefit is that any logo can be turned into a catchy animation. Which means that even your current logo can be successfully redesigned in any way is better. They take the website visitor's breath, make them stay longer, increase user's engagement. Why not use it?
#9. Logo with Characters
People, animals, fiction characters—if that's your feature than why not place it on your logo? It may resonate with potential customers, make your brand trustworthy, engaging, and lovable. Also, you might put that into story about your company and increase your chances to be recognizable. You know, storytelling is a trend!
#10. Vintage
The fashion of vintage little by little it has gone into the trends in logos. In 2017 it has been reflected in the corporate identity of many companies.

More and more brands use this trend because of the nostalgic effect it gives, in a way it creates a connection with the memories of their past. This design style also conveys a sense of royalty, trust, and authenticity.
Logos are the evergreen images of a company. They tell people much more than the company's identity. You would need an impressive logo to attract people across all ages at all the times. One logo may contain a touch of different trends, but more importantly, it should represent the values of the company.

If you wish to be aware of the trends, just check how it goes in the real cases, like our design works on Behance and Dribble!

Make 2018 the year you change the game!

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