Fast-growing sport social network and
team management system
$ 4,5M
collected payments
teams in 7 leagues

We delivered Breakout which is a social network, allowing the players just to enjoy the game without messing around. Get an access to events, teams, available players and collect team fees with one click. S-pro made it possible.

The Challenge

Web application

iOS & Android application

UX improvement

Third party integration

User interface design

for mobile web

For participation in a game a player had to go through hell: find players, create a team, discuss the league with the players and make payments.

Players paid cash and debit cards from different accounts. The team leader had a headache with calculating payments and creating invoices to players. Being responsible for all payments, he had to find different ways of communication with different players.

Make your play

The Solution

For players:

We have created a possibility to create own team via the web and mobile application. Moreover, a user is able to login via Facebook.

We have created a smart search “Looking for a team”.

Convenient chat for speaking is available.

For team management:

We provided dashboards and an event creation system.

If team leader wants to invite a player a link with the invitation will be enough.

The team leader doesn’t have any headaches with payments. When a team runs into a new season each team member receives an invoice automatically. Also, we put payment system into an application so it is comfortable to solve all issues in one application.

The Result

Breakout has just launched this year and already has 9000 players, 788 teams in 7 leagues and $4 500 000 collected payments.


Roman Levandovski founder & CEO

«Andrii was excellent to work with on a demanding project. The team at S-Pro were of great help to me and I would not hesitate in hiring them again.»


most popular web app for team management in Alberta (Canada)


audience growth for last six month

The Team

Product Manager:
Vitaliy Chernovalyuk
Andrey Negustorov
Mikle Maschenko
Michael Krohmal
Oleg Velmik
UI Design:
Alex Nikiforov
Andrey Kapusta


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