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We are S-PRO — a powerful team of top performers. Become one of us!

Why US

Product mindset
We work with a variety of meaningful and challenging projects. Influence the development of large global businesses and master the latest technologies.
Accessibility, inclusion, and equality
We create and support an inclusive environment and embrace our weirdness.
Hybrid work
Decide for yourself where you want to work: from our stylish and comfortable offices, your cozy home, or anywhere else.
Continuous learning
We create individual employee development plans for planned professional growth. At S-PRO, we’ll help you build a straightforward career path.
Personal accountability
We help you to unleash your potential to deliver success to you and our client
Long-term focus
We create an environment of transparent communication, a minimum of bureaucracy and trust in the company, which leads to long-term relationships
Top performers
Our team is built from like-minded top performers in different fields, so we know in which direction a client’s business should be developed.
Leader in the IT community
  • Partnership with Sente Accelerator in Chicago, USA
  • Received investment from a large investment company in 2020
  • Owner of the Edison Space IT Hub in Zaporizhzhia
  • Behind about 30 local IT events per year
  • S-PRO Academy teaches Node.js to beginners