Decentralized Cryptocurrency Trading Platform
ARBchange Case Study
The crypto-exchange which allows buying and selling ERC20 compatible tokens
Token Standard
Smart Contracts
Cryptocurrency Pairs
The ARBchange web app makes it possible for buyers and sellers to exchange ETH/ECOIN, OMG/ETH, OMG/ECOIN, ETSH/ECOIN, and OMGSH/ECOIN. ERC20 Token Standard provides infinite liquidity and automatically facilitates price determination.
Blockchain technology and the growth of a new asset class dictate their own terms. As a result, the demand for exchanges specializing exclusively in digital currencies is growing steadily. Competition is huge. To stand out from the existing trading platforms, business owners must implement some specific solutions to make their platform number one for the buyer and sellers.

Our clients hired us to create a crypto-exchange in Blockchain with unique features through which buyers and sellers will profitably trade without third party participation.

To meet our clients' needs, our challenge was to develop a safe and convenient platform with real-time features and the USP so that users could:

  • сompare current cryptocurrency prices with other exchanges and choose the most profitable one to buy/sell tokens
  • predict the ETH price (the price will be lower or higher) in order to predict the ETSH price and buy/sell at the best price
Features & Solutions
Transactions are conducted only via MetaMask account or other digital wallets.
Funds Control Without Third Parties
Trading is conducted between smart contracts and personal wallets, so users control their funds.
Liquidity mechanism is provided according to Bancor protocol. It allows trading tokens on demand and eliminating the price gap.
No Withdrawal or Deposit Limits
Traders can compare the current price on ARBchange with other trade platforms in real time as well as to see a dynamic chart of current cryptocurrency.
Currency Relations & Dynamic Chart
Buyers and sellers see current pairs relations as well as dynamic charts.
Funds Protection
Users protect their funds by setting the maximum possible price and change in percent.
Is provided via smart contracts and, unlike in traditional exchanges, is possible without borrowing cryptocurrencies, opening margin account, or providing collateral.
Real-Time Updates
All values are constantly updated—the most popular crypto pair, daily numbers and amounts of transactions, and released ecoins.
Transparent Calculation
Amounts of currencies for payment are calculated automatically including platform fee.
Development Solutions
ReactJS, Redux
NodeJS,TypeScript, MySQL
Ethereum, Web3.js, Solidity, Truffle | Type—Public
Manual testing (BrowserStack), smart contracts testing (Mist)
UI / UX Design
We developed the web app and developed 20+ smart contracts from scratch. We created a specification, developed design, and conducted testing. ARBchange is available worldwide. By the way, new currency pairs of ERC20 compatible tokens can be added, and not only those ones that are specified originally in our case study.

Meet The Team
The smartest people work every day to provide the best service and to make our clients happy
Vladislav Shaldeev
Project Manager
Evgenii Solovei
Developer (backend, blockchain)
Elena Derymova
Developer (blockchain, smart contracts)
Philip Balo
Frontend Developer
Artem Turlay
Andrey Lemeshko
UI / UX Design
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