We automated the business processes of payments collection for participation in Canadian Amateur Hockey League. As a result, Breakout collected 4,5 million USD in payments in the first year of launching!
1st most popular web app for team management in Alberta, Quebec, British Columbia, and Manitoba (Canada)
$9 million
in collected payments
14 831
1 012
Breakout is a fast-growing sport social network and team management system. It allows users to get an access to events, teams, available players and collect team fees with one click. Players just enjoy the game without any fuss.
Our clients love us
Andrii was excellent to work with on a demanding project. The team
at S-PRO were of great help to me and I would not hesitate in hiring them again.
Roman Levandovski
Founder and CEO
Breakout Story
Our customer Roman Levandovski is Canadian. He lives in Calgary (Alberta). Roman loves ice hockey and has positive attitude to innovations. He had an idea to engage people to do more sports by creating an app which would become a sport social network with a convenient management system.

Roman wanted to get rid of the difficulties in payments collection for participation in Canadian Amateur Hockey League so that users—non-professional players—could create their own teams and play games.
To automate the business processes of payments collection and create a structured payment platform. S-PRO team had to develop a web and crossplatform mobile app.

We also had to solve the problem with waivers and make it possible for players to fill in all required information and sign a document, even if there is no internet connection. All these processes had to be quick and easy.
Features & Solutions
For team managment
No headaches with payments
Breakout allows to get team fees with one click, set up team invoice, and invite players. One, two or monthly payments can be offered. Also, we put payment system into an app, so it's convenient to solve all issues in one app.
Link is enough
If the team leader wants to invite a player a link with an invitation will be enough.
Dashboards and event creation system
We provided dashboards and an event creation system. Users can choose a league they want, invite players into their games, form their teams, create a list of participants, and set the necessary options.
New payment system for non-league invoices
We expanded the features and created a new payment system on non-league invoices after 2,5 years of the app launch. For example, a team wants to celebrate their victory in a match over rivals. The team lead can collect payments to buy some beer and snacks for the party.
Know who's coming to your game
The team leader can set it and forget it, and his regulars will get the invites to the game as soon as the event is created in one easy step. If there are short players the team leader can always open it up to anyone who plays his sport. Short players will never have a game where they are short!
For players
Create a team
It is able to login with Facebook. There is available information about each player as for name, kind of sport, position, location, e-mail, phone, team & personal info.
Smart event search
There is also a real-time interactive map with locations and information about teams and players as for place of event, its date & time, players' names, the number of participants, and how many places are left on the team.
Every player must sign a waiver before the game starts—otherwise the player won't be able to participate in event. We made it possible to sign a waiver if there is no internet connection
"Anytime I needed anything, they were available for me"
Roman Levandovski
Founder and CEO
Development Solutions
JavaScript and PHP 7
AngularJS, Apigility and Zend Framework 2.4
Mobile Development
React Native
Hosting & Deployment
Hosting—AWS ec2 instances, CI/CD—Jenkins
Unit testing, Protractor
Web & App Servers
We used Apache2, which is a fast and reliable web-server
Interface Design
We automated the business-processes and created a convenient payment platform which solved the most severe headache with payments collection for participation in Canadian Amateur Hockey League. We've chosen the right focus and won! The Breakout app has been living and popular for almost three years now.

We saved the client's money and time using the most effective and progressive technologies.

S-PRO experts provide constant technical support for the app, update it and make the necessary changes. We also add new features. For example, a payment system on non-league invoices is the last developed one. If the client needs something, we always keep finger on the pulse.

Meet The Team
The smartest people work every day to provide the best service and to make our clients happy
Vitaliy Chernovalyuk
Product Manager
Andrey Negustorov
Mikle Maschenko
Michael Krohmal
Oleg Velmik
Alex Nikiforov
UX/UI Design
Andrey Kapusta
UX/UI Design
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