Climate Drops

Powered by Blockchain

Efforts involved:
5 people
Development time:
3 months

Climate Drops Platform

Green Blockchain startup to reward environmentally responsible users

Climate <1>Drops</1> Platform

Being environmentally-conscious is not a one-day measure, it’s a lifestyle. People start to realize environmental challenges we face nowadays and may face in the future - global warming, water pollution, waste disposal etc. And each of us can make a small step to impact the environment in a positive way. To encourage people to make more eco-responsible decisions, we created Climate Drops - a platform that tracks and rewards users for green actions.

Services Provided




UI/UX design


front-end development




back-end development







Mobile app

Java Native Android, Wob3j library allows to connect with the Ethereum node.


We developed smart contracts on the Ethereum platform using Solidity.


API (PHP), Laravel framework, MYSQL DB

How it all started


The first touch with our future client, Kyrylo Tomlyak, happened at Microsoft Blockchain Intensive. Progressive visionaries from around the world have gathered here to meet the new expertise. Kyrylo is an entrepreneur in the field of energy efficiency services, who shared with us his idea for a new startup. Kyrylo wanted to encourage people to care the environment. So he aimed to create a reliable and safe app to track people’s “green” actions and reward them for that with bonuses.

Blockchain is a technology that can ensure the clarity of this process. As our team has a wide expertise in Blockchain and smart contract implementation, we partnered with Kyrylo to create an app that will inspire people to be more ecology conscious.

App roles


We wanted to encourage not only people, but businesses and corporations as well. That’s why there are three roles in the app:

Sources (users)users

users act as sources of harmful emissions reduction

Lakes (businesses)businesses

lakes can sell the part of collected Drops to fund, making an investment in environment protection on the global level

Seas (funds)funds

environmentally friendly businesses that accept Climate Drops for goods, services and discounts

How Climate Drops Works

  • The rewards in the app are Drops - coins, which users can store in their online wallet powered by Blockchain, and constantly exchange for snacks and other gifts in their city.
  • Users take photos as a proof of their eco-friendly actions to get coins.
  • Full user security achieved by Blockchain implementation.

That’s all actually. Simple in use, flexible in getting rewards, safe in keeping coins.

Additional features implemented

The amount of saved thermal and electrical energy is displayed

Reduced CO2 emissions are calculated

GPS-tracking to check the distance user has passed by bicycle

Map with partnering businesses locations

UI/UX Design


Climate Drops apps has two goals: help people get rewarded for environment care, and encourage them be more eco-friendly. That’s why we wanted the design of the app to be not only intuitive and convenient, but inspiring and emotional as well.

Mint-green is a dominant colour of the app. Green it's about energy, life, progress and harmony in nature. It is the key element of the app’s visual identity. Bright yellow and orange are used for buttons to make accents and achieve appropriate proportions for every colour.

Simple layout and intuitive navigation are must-have features of this app. We create bright and unique illustrations that reflect “go-greeners” lifestyle and thus boost users’ eco-awareness.

Our Achievements

  • The app is constantly improving and expanding. The next step is smart bonuses integration.
  • App reduces approximately 0.5 tonnes of CO2 per app user.
  • In 2018 Climate Drops has organized a competition to motivate school students to become more environmentally conscious. During this competition 363 tonnes of CO2 emissions were reduced.
  • The app has been successfully working for more than one year in three cities of Ukraine.
  • We provide constant maintenance and support of Climate Drops.

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