While they use WordPress, we created an interactive platform with Blockchain.
How we developed 2 apps, 6 main smart-contracts, a number of subsidiary ones, and a web-server for additional data. All that for an environmental start-up.

technology was used

apps were developed

main smart contracts
Brief description
There are institutions in Ukraine that have to compensate people money for environment care. These payments are lost because of corruption. Our task was to develop a platform that would put the whole process under control and solve the problem of losing money.

With this app people can earn a certain amount of coins for choosing a bicycle instead of a gasoline car, using solar panels, and warming houses. For these coins they can drink a cup of coffee for free at a coffee shop, or get discounts and bonuses in stores. Businesses, in their turn, can receive these coins and then sell a part of them to the funds.

Our guys took part in Microsoft Blockchain Intensive in Kyiv in June 2017, and got deeply immersed into hackathon. They creatively approached the task solution in electric power field, and became one of the winning teams. The "highlight" was that our developers didn't solve the typical task proposed for the conference participants, but presented a progressive idea about electric cars. They drew up a scheme and described how to carry out the mutual settlements using Blockchain.

Our customer Kyrylo Tomlyak owns a business in the market of energy efficiency services. We met him at the conference as his company also took part in it.
The challenge was to develop a reliable and safe way to control the process of benefits for eco-friendly activities. We chose Blockchain technology for backend development.
Users can choose one of three roles: User role #1—users, User role #2—businesses, and User role #3—funds.
Receive coins
Sell coins
See the amount of generated solar energy
See the amount of saved thermal and electrical energy, and reduced CO2 emissions
Use the GPS-tracking and track distance user1 passed
See index of generated kWh saved energy with average km/h speed
Scan QR-codes
See current route on a detailed map with information about businesses locations, and their bonuses
Send suggestions
Climate Drops Platform is bilingual, you can choose either Ukrainian (default) or English.
Climate Drops Platform is a free Android mobile app. Our team has developed the platform in 1,5 months! It's already available on Google Play Market.
Mobile app
Java Native Android. Web3j library allows to connect with the Ethereum node.
We developed smart contracts on the Ethereum platform using Solidity.
API (PHP), Laravel framework, MYSQL DB

UX / UI Design
Climate Drops Platform was launched in Ukraine in September 2017. The launch started from Zhytomyr, Vinnytsia, and Kyiv. The app will be used in other Ukrainian regions soon. Right now only Android mobile version of Climate Drops Platform is available. In the nearest future we'll also develop an iOS version.
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