Development time
5 months
Team size
10 professionals

Crypto Wallet

A mobile application that allows users to create a cryptocurrency wallet, transfer XXX and other tokens to it, store and exchange them, as well as make money from them.
The Client
A German FinTech company, the creators and developers of the XXX cryptocurrency.
Crypto Wallet
The Client
The Brief

Our client came to us with the idea to create a mobile application that would allow users to operate with the XXX coin.

The product is evolving fast, and users are already able to use the app to exchange different cryptocurrency and make deposits and investments.

End customers

The target audience for Crypto Wallet is users who are versed in cryptocurrencies, own XXX tokens, and want to make money from holding XXX as well as other cryptocurrencies.

Key Features
  • Deposit XXX and other tokens
    Send funds using just a wallet address
  • Exchange different cryptocoins
    Import phone book contacts
  • Conduct transactions with other token holders
    Select a network (MainNet and Test networks)
  • Transfer tokens to other wallets
    Import and export private keys
  • Pay via QR codes
    Add and remove custom tokens
  • Share a user’s wallet address on the wallet history screen
    Manage multiple internal wallets, export private keys, and switch between internal wallets
Team performance

Our team is motivated to improve the blockchain experience and to understand deeply how cryptoworld works.

The CTO of Crypto Wallet is very helpful in terms of providing technical and business requirements. He is actively involved in product development, advises and guides the team, which is motivating. Our synergy has a positive effect on product creation and support.

Project Management Methodologies
sprint planning
two-week sprints
internal and external demo
daily meetings with the team and client
backlog grooming
team retro
Technologies and Integrations

Mobile development

React Native

Back end


Web development approach



UNISWAP (for swapping tokens)
Technologies and Integrations

Project management

Business analysis

Solution architecture

UI/UX design

Frontend development

Backend development


Quality assurance



Jan 2021

  • Presale
  • Business analysis and estimation
  • Start of the Product discovery phase and software engineering

Feb - Mar 2021

  • Beta testing with 100 users

Mar 2021

  • Writing a smart contract
  • Launch of XXX token staking
  • First app release in production

Apr 2021

  • Version 1.01

May 2021

  • Version 1.02

Jun 2021

  • Version 1.1

Jul 2021

  • Version 1.2 & 1.3
XXX is an ERC-20 token, and there are more than 10 cryptocurrencies that use this same Ethereum infrastructure. However, the ERC-20 infrastructure is getting more expensive as the load grows. So one challenge for our client is to integrate the Binance Smart Chain, which will allow XXX cryptocurrency to be transferred between users for a much lower commission.
The world of decentralized finance is actively developing and has its own characteristics. There are many ready-made solutions today, but there is still a lot to develop from scratch. To do this, we need to understand how to properly calculate commissions, how to avoid budget losses, how to properly integrate with all third-party services, and how APIs work — and we need to be sure that everything can be scaled.
The application infrastructure must be ready for integration with another blockchain so the client doesn’t lose money on commissions and users are comfortable using the application.

We developed mobile apps for IOS and Android

Future plans
  • Reduce transaction costs
    Integrate with UNISWAP (liquidity pools)
  • Meet international standards for the collection and storage of users’ financial data
    Integrate with DAI Savings
  • Integrate with payment systems
    Implement notifications
  • Enable buying and selling of cryptocurrencies with a card
    Implement recurring payments
  • Allow to exchange Crypto to Fiat and vice versa
    Become a payment solution
  • Build a Cross-Chain bridge with BSC
    Become a White label