Development time:
4 weeks
3 professionals
Planning stage


A wallet application for Ethereum and ERC-20 transactions


The Brief

As the crypto industry competes with traditional financial institutions, the demand for apps that perform cryptocurrency payments and exchange continues to grow. Our Australian business partner aims to provide a solution that renders Ethereum and ERC-20 transactions quickly and simply.










Planning stage

During the planning stage, our professionals determines the product scope, architecture, budget and timeframe for development.

We clarify the development workflow and provide a demonstration fully outlining how the app will look and feel. The development process follows this established roadmap, guaranteeing no unexpected delays or additional expenses during development.

Technological challenges

We provide our clients with a clear development plan to aid in efficient organization of resources. We are obligated to deliver both accurate pricing estimates and a working prototype.

Powerful UI/UX design pattern

Embracing both minimalistic and contemporary strengths, we provided two versions of the app – light- and dark-themed - to meet varying user preferences.

Total security

Wallet passwords are stored on a dedicated server and only the crypto wallet owner may access them through the CryptoTap app.

Blockchain implementation

Correlation with Blockchain via Blockchain connector is provided, utilizing a web3js library for RPC calls that are connected to a public blockchain node.

High level of interaction with other services

Interaction with the server application is completed via HTTP (SSL) protocol. The finished app will also connect with external services responsible for push notifications (OneSignal or FCM).




React Native




September 2018

Initial Preparation

  • concept discussion
  • product vision

September 2018


  • specification draft
  • initial UX layouts

September 2018


  • app architecture
  • initial UI layouts
  • final version of specification

October 2018

Estimate & Prototyping

  • UI/UX mockups
  • clickable prototype
  • estimate & specification

Key features

Easy to use and highly-functional, CryptoTap provides an extensive range of customer functionality:

  • 01

    Digital wallet with multi-currency support

  • 02

    Cryptocurrency transactions to any wallet based on Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens

  • 03

    Opportunity to buy goods & services at locations where ERC-20 tokens are accepted

  • 04

    Access to set up a personal node or other required infrastructure

The Results


We completed the planning stage for the CryptoTap app, delivering both a detailed written specification and cost estimate.


We designed the app layout to be simple and intuitive for navigation - users can complete desired actions with just a few finger taps.


We created a roadmap clearly demonstrating each step of the development process from its start to project launch.

CryptoTap is a user-centered app pattern for instant cryptocurrency payments. The planning stage allowed us the opportunity to allocate all essential features prior to development. Our clients are now in possession of an accurate project outline that fully demonstrates the entire development process from start to successful launch.


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