Development time

15 months


10 professionals

A customized
task-management solution for technical engineers

A unique web-management tool created for specific internal business needs

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Our client is a 103-years-old business operating offline and distributing machine tools and accessories in Spain

Executive Summary: The client required an internal customized platform for an offline business operation. Existing solutions are usually overloaded with unnecessary information and features while he required only the functionality which will be really used by the employees. Thus, we had to create a unique task-management system for local engineers which would simplify their work, keep track of progress, and see the efficiency of each of them. In addition, it should be integrated with the current CRM system.

Results: With minimum involvement from the client's side (no more than 10 hours), we got the requirements and created the solution that meets all current business needs. As a result, we delivered a reliable system that doesn't need to be updated and proves its efficiency every day.

Challenges and Objectives

One of the main challenges we faced during the development process was working not with Cloud servers like AWS but physical servers that required remote access, installing, and integration. Our goal was to create a simple, custom, convenient and affordable solution that would cover all business needs avoiding complex features and not exceeding the expected budget.

Key features

Set and manage tasks for all engineers. You can create, assign, change and confirm different tasks.

Calendar integration. Users can do planning with different calendars, view and edit tasks in the calendar, check tasks not assigned to dates, etc.

Client management. You can view current and add new clients.

Reporting. Users are able to create reports, calculate and see routes on the map, save distance, add materials used and include other details.

Statistics. Here admins can see overall company statistics, statuses, damages, warranties, and tasks done.

Additional Information

Target Audience: Spain

Integrations Integration with the current client`s CRM system

Technologies Laravel





Business analytics


Project management








As a result, we were able to deliver a reliable internal solution within a short timeframe and with minimum interaction with the client.


We implemented the solution and covered all customer`s needs


The system started working with the first version with no extra releases


There are no updates required for a minimum few years


The client keeps getting back to S-PRO with other interesting projects


The client is planning to make it SAAS for businesses with similar needs


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