Next-level political startup

Development time: 6 months
Efforts involved: 4 people


  • Design
  • Front-end development
  • QA
  • Maintance


  • JavaScript
  • React Native
  • MobX
  • ReactJS

Our business partners from Israel have been already involved in a political field for years. They know that people want to understand who they vote for. It’s important for politicians to show their personality to the electorate. So it was decided to create an app that will give such an opportunity and provide a new level of communication between political leaders and potential voters.

Main features

Ezme can be used by people who are interested in updates from the politicians they like, or by campaign headquarters to stay informed and connected. The app is unique - it’s kind of a pioneer in the market.

It has necessary features to let government representatives share opinions with the public:

  • There is a creeping line of news with the most important articles on the main screen.
  • Video content is available as well as news articles.
  • Politicians can organize events and invite people via the app. Users can see the date, time, and place of the meeting. There is a map with directions showing how to get there.
  • There is a form to contact politicians via the app. With Ezme politicians become accessible, and users see that reaching out to them is possible and quite easy.


Admin panel

The admin panel is used as a business tool to organize content and manage people. Ezme is a white label app, so it can be sold to political groups and customized via admin panel - set the brand colour, choose necessary settings, etc.

  • An access to adding, deleting, editing content, events and members is provided.
  • The main technological challenge was to make the panel customized - an admin can choose the colour scheme, icons, and language (the app supports both RTL and LTR languages).
  • There are following sections in the admin panel: list of published articles, events, news, people list, push notifications, and settings for the customization of the app.



Design of the app aims to help people focus on getting information, so the interface is clean and not overloaded with the details. The UI of the app is simple and stylish.

The colour palette is selected based on the target audience of the app. It’s just a few colours to avoid users’ distraction.

  • Dark green colour is used for splash screen and for some elements - it’s elegant and calming, and contributes to the whole image of the app. It also matches the logo colour.
  • The classic combination of white background and dark text is used for articles and news. The important elements and icons are highlighted with mild yellow colour.

We created both smart and future-oriented UX/UI design for efficient user conversion.


Ezme is the next-level political startup that:

  • informs the electorate
  • provides direct communication with a political leader
  • allows to get first-hand news and to keep track of the political landscape
  • represents a strong tool created for our partner’s business, covering its requests

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