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Digital ecosystem for hospital staff

Communication is important. Communication between doctors is life-saving. If it’s fast and effective, of course. To make it like that, two physicians, Frank Gencorelli and Andrew Rosendahl, decided to create a platform where hospital staff can chat, share documents, schedules, and tasks, save links and many more. One tap - and doctors have access to the information they need.


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The importance of healthcare apps1.

Despite global digitalization of everything, hospitals still don’t have one unified system for communication between staff. The technology is developing by leaps and bounds, and the healthcare, being responsible for people welfare and productivity, must take advantage of it.

Let’s take a look at three situations, where digital healthcare ecosystem would make the communication between medical workers much more fast and effective.


Use case number one. “Bad business trip”

Man, 38 years old, called an ambulance because of nausea, chest pain, and shallow breathing. He was delivered to the nearest hospital. Turned out, he lives in another city and he is here on the one-day business trip. The man has been suffering from high blood pressure for the last few months. He has been taking few medications, but didn’t take them on the trip and doesn’t remember their names. Consultation with his therapist would be a great help for the doctors, but finding and trying to connect with him ends up in at least few hours process, that can be a death sentence for the man.

Add to this scenario Hubspring - and the situation doesn’t seem so bad anymore. Doctors from hospitals located in different places can easily connect in the app, share medical records and discuss the patient’s condition.


Use case number two. “The meeting”

Huge hospital with a lot of departments. Physician, therapist and medical lab technologist need to arrange a meeting. Without one unified system with calendars for every worker it may result in endless calls, texts and changing the dates. But luckily this hospital’s staff uses Hubspring, where a calendar is synchronized with the latest changes in workers’ schedules, so they easily plan a meeting at the time which is comfortable for everyone.


Use case number three. “How does this thing work?”

There is a new ultrasound machine in the hospital. What is the best way to share the user instruction with staff that works in different departments and with different schedule? To upload it to the Hubspring. Now everybody who needs to use the machine, has an instant access to the manual. Even more - if something is unclear, users can ask questions in the chat and get help from colleagues.

Most doctors still prefer a good old phone call as the main way to communicate with colleagues. We needed to create an app, where medical workers can securely and instantly send messages and share documents. Securely - to avoid the slightest possibility of third parties accessing patients’ private information, and instantly - because its human lives we are talking about.

HIPAA Certification2.

HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act - U.S. Federal Law aimed to enhance the security of patients’ private information. Our team understands that healthcare app must have the top-notch level of security as it comes to the protection of personal medical data. So we obtained HIPAA certification, which means getting a special training and passing the test to ensure that we can provide the necessary level of data protection. All the information stored or shared via Hubspring is protected and impossible to intervene by third parties.

Target audience3.

hospital systems

clinical departments

multi-sided medical practices

medical, nursing, and dental schools

medical, nursing, and dental admissions

nursing home and rehab facilities

health outreach programs

Principles Hubspring is based on4.

Development of healthcare app is special because we know exactly who and where will use it. It allows understanding what features the product must have, but also eliminates the right to mistake. We determined 4 principles essential to medical digital ecosystem truly effective:


We got HIPAA certification to guarantee the protection of information transmitted via the app. All data is encrypted and impossible to interact by third parties.


Hubspring was designed to be used not only as a messenger, but also as a file storage and distribution system.


The app is adaptive to work on any device - smartphone, laptop, and PC.


Literally everything in the medical app must be simple. Doctors don’t have time to bother with complicated navigation or enjoy beautiful design - the UI/UX design of Hub is smooth and neat.

Functionality implemented5.

Instant chat

Simple and convenient messenger for hospital staff.

Secure storage

Protected storage for saving documents, resources and protocols.

File distribution system

Fast and secure sharing files with colleagues.

Notifications and alerts

Users can drop alert to keep everyone up-to-date and informed.

UI/UX design6.

The key objective of the Hubspring is to make communication between hospital staff more effective and to improve the quality of care they provide. That means the interface must be intuitive and highly responsive.

A user has instant access to the main menu of the app with just a fingertip. The menu shows various categories such as “contacts”, “important files”, “schedules” etc. and can be scrolled horizontally.

Hubspring is designed in quite a colorful palette to create a contrast and increase readability. Soft warm colors are used in some design elements along with the white background. Such solution creates a calming effect. We used a simple font that is easily readable and doesn’t attract too much attention. Also we added obvious icons that make usage more intuitive.


Patient care involves a lot of hospital staff - and all of them need to have an effective way of communication to share information and discuss the case. We created e-clinical product that encourages interaction and makes data more optimized and organized. Hubspring is a smooth and seamless app with enhanced security to avoid leaking of patients’ personal information. Being not only messenger, but secure storage as well, it allows clinics and hospital to get rid of the abundance of medical records and go paperless. We still provide support for the Hubspring and constantly make improvements. We are always looking for best practices possible and innovative solutions to implement them to the already existing version.


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