Development time
4 months
4 professionals


A custom streaming solution for a nonprofit organization

The Brief

Streaming service technology allows us to visit events and places we can’t visit in person. Streaming can help a church extend its outreach worldwide. It can foster that sense of fellowship central to a spiritual community.

A religious organization approached us with a concept behind K-TV. They wanted a media solution to stream liturgies, services, instruction, and prayer for smartphone and smart TV viewing. Our task was to find a simple yet powerful solution to make this possible, regardless of the geographic distance of its audience.





UI/UX design









Target Audience

Our team researched the K-TV target audience in order to shape app functionality to conform to the preferences of the worshipping community.

Most users turned out to be senior citizens, unable to attend church personally due to uncertain health, age, and other circumstances. Still, they hoped to be in contact with their faith community – a hope made real by streaming technology. The design also had to be simple and intuitive, providing those less-experienced with high-end technology with worry-free access to the content they desired.

UI/UX Design

We had to design remote control smart TV navigation that was more convenient than standard d-pad navigation – not always the most user-friendly of formats for people with limited capacity. We incorporated patterns already familiar to smart TV users, designing the control for easy scrolling and selecting.

  • Contrast ensures optimal visibility.
  • Remote control buttons positioned comfortably for older, less agile fingers, helping to avoid unintentional selections.
  • All elements are easy-click with high visibility fonts.
  • The color blue serves as the primary interface theme color, chosen for its soothing effect.

Technological challenges

The more platforms an app covers, the more difficult its development and support. Further complications arise due to differences in smart TV resolutions and processing power that varies from brand to brand.

Our team designed an app that works seamlessly on a range of devices providing real-time streaming and custom navigation.



April 2017

Initial Preparation

  • specification
  • layout mockups

May 2017


  • crafting design
  • architecture

June 2017


  • front-end & back-end development
  • API integration

July 2017


  • QA
  • Release

Key features


Real-time streaming

The solution that brings a connection with the community via smartphone or TV.


Сustom navigation

The navigation on a smart TV is user-centered and smooth.


Access from 4 platforms

The app is accessible from 4 most popular platforms: Android and Apple TV as well as Android and iOS smartphones.

The Results

We carefully researched the target audience, incorporating their stated preferences in an optimal design solution.
Incorporating stated user needs, we produced a design that ensured simple content navigation and optimal visibility with a convenient interface.
We developed app access covering 4 platforms. Due to the variation in proprietary features included in the range of devices covered, we were obligated to generate a universal, one-size-fits-all solution.
People long for spirituality in their lives and we took this to heart, designing a solution - K-TV – that would bring their church directly into their homes. With just a smartphone or TV, spiritual seekers can always be in touch with their faith community.

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