Development time
12 months
5 professionals


An app designed to build frontline ambassadors for your brand & boost sales


The Brief

The bigger the brand the more retail shops it owns. And that can be exactly where the problems start: how to be sure that your salespeople are sufficiently educated about your brand and able to promote it effectively. Mevo provides the solution: informing and motivating your frontline ambassadors.





UI/UX design


front-end development


back-end development





Technological challenges

Comprehensive knowledge of a brand’s product line gives impetus to sales. Mevo enables the sales process by educating salespeople about all product features and keeping them updated with the latest information. Our aim was to make Mevo adaptable to the needs of any brand but remain easy-to-use:

Custom admin panel

Admin panel allows user to make changes to the interface and to some app features. Mevo can adapt to the style of any brand.

Multi-user platform

Mevo is equipped with five app roles: Super Admin, Internal Admin, Global Manager, Brand Admin, Brand Manager. Each role is equipped with a specific set of rights and permissions.

Key features

The job of the Mevo app is to make the full range of a product’s advantages easily accessible to the end user. A brand’s core message is not overshadowed by the retailer’s brand hierarchy. We achieve this by keeping salespeople informed of all product features and of current brand campaigns. The Mevo app reaches a sales force directly on their smartphones, offering 5 key features to keep the front lines equipped with the latest product and brand information:

informative quizzes

Salespeople are provided directly with the latest in the product information. After acquainting themselves with the information, they can take a quiz and earn points which can then be exchanged for brand bonuses. This gamification boosts the professionalism of sales personnel, and inspires and incentivizes them to stay on top of the product.

live scoreboards

Sales contest participants can track their results and those of their competitors.

instant messaging

Users are able to chat and send video messages. Additionally, registered salespeople receive notifications about product launches, new campaigns, etc.

customization of the app

The app can be customized and adapted to any brand’s unique design and style.


September 2017

Initial Preparations

  • criteria clarification
  • specification
  • estimation

October 2017


  • layout mockups
  • design crafting

December 2017


  • back-end development
  • front-end development
  • mobile app development

September 2018


  • QA
  • release

October 2018 - currently


  • new features development
  • ongoing maintenance & support
  • ongoing improvements & updates

The Results


We’ve created an app that connects big brands and their salespeople, educating and encouraging them to learn more about the product.


We equipped Mevo with educational and motivational functions: it works to keep brand ambassadors updated with the latest product information and rewards them for superior product knowledge.


We made the app customizable to the particular needs of any brand. Industry leaders like Miele, Huawei, Red Bull, Diesel, Samsung, and Salomon are already enjoying the benefits of Mevo.

The Mevo app helps build long-term brand loyalty, increasing sales rates by assuring that the advantages of your products are clear and accessible to the end-user. Mevo has already been successfully adopted by brands like Miele, Huawei, Red Bull, Diesel, Samsung, and Salomon.


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