Time & Expense Tracking Tool
How we developed a mobile app which allowed users to get rid of paperwork and spreadsheets, increased efficiency, and made accounting super easy.
Time Tracking
Expense Tracking
Sync with QuickBooks
Cross-Platform Solution
Minute7 is a time and expense tracking tool. It allows users to manage and automate their working process on iOS and Android devices.
Minute7 Story
There are people who are self-employed, e.g., consultants, freelancers, taxi drivers. In order not to keep complex accounting, they use QuickBooks service. This platform has various strong features, but there is no time tracking. Users can't run the tracker to totalize what they did, how much time they spent, when they started work, and when they finished it.

Our customers from California David Allison and Marc Summe hired us to develop the mobile app to solve this problem.
Features & Solutions
Users can clock in and out. "Break time" option allows to stop tracking for necessary period of time.
"Timesheets" block shows information about users, worked hours, services/items, classes etc. Users can add time entry—single or multiple per day.
"Expenses" block contains information about vendors and employees, amount of expenses, bills etc. Adding single or multiple expenses is also available per day.
Sync with QuickBooks
Data is taken from QuickBooks, and when a user starts using Minute7, data is synchronized and database is updated.
No registration
Users come as already existing. Registration is on the web-site, then users get credentials and a password. Only login and password are required for the mobile app.
Regulated access
Permissions are set on QuickBooks. Depending on who is given permissions, the information is different for each user.
Inputs are prefilled from the QuickBooks settings from the database
Users don't fill sections themselves—data is automatically taken from the database.
Upload function in the mobile app and on the web-site
Loading attachments in .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .pdf etc. formats.
Data update
Data for customers, services etc. can be updated with a certain period of time or manually.
Development Solutions
Our team has developed the cross-platform mobile app in 1.5 months from scratch. The website and backend have already been developed by the Minute7 team. From our side we did some part of work for the website—added upload receipts, and some part of work on backend.
JavaScript (with Flow static typechecker)
React Native
State Management
Testing Utilities
Jest, Enzyme, Fabric for crash reporting
QA Manual Testing
Functional, Cross-platform, Regression and Smoke Testing
Databases. Hosting & Deployment
On the customers' side
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