Crossplatform transportation app
How we developed a web and iOS/Android goods delivery app for use in B2B transportation
Moving Pipe is a commercial transportation app. It establishes instant, reliable, and easy communication between companies, carriers, and brokers. Carriers publish their available spaces in real time.

Сustomers easily find suitable free carriers to convey their goods, and publish goods that need to be transported. There is also an online chat. It allows carriers and companies to get in touch with each other, and simplifies the work of both.
Moving Pipe Story
Our customer Yosab Avisror gave us a faulty app. We had to detect why it's not working, and then fix mistakes others have made. Moreover, there were challenges we had to accept to turn Moving Pipe into a real transportation network.
- Marketplace and messenger should be combined in one app;

- An app should have a request system;

- A high-quality communication between a driver and a carrier via chatting should be ensured;

- Convenient pickup management should be provided;

- Real-time tracking should be available too.
Features & Solutions
Real-time chat which provides instant, reliable, and easy communication
Total control and immediate information update via dashboard
Push notifications for drivers to get updates from companies and carriers
Easy search for a free carrier/trip to convey goods
Real time GPS tracking which allows users to know current location of their cargo
Intuitive trip and fleet management system
Development Solutions
Moving Pipe is a real time app (chats, data and content update) based on web sockets/redux
JavaScript and Typescript
AWS ec2 instances, CI/CD—Jenkins
Moving Pipe is a fully-functioning network with constant user flow. This app is a profitable project. The main result is our customer's satisfaction and fruitful future cooperation.
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