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Technological marketing platform for online advertisers and publishers


The Brief

Nowadays the Internet is filled with advertising that is completely useless, makes the advertiser spend money and tires a random network user. Even existing communication between companies and their clients leaves much to be desired.

Absurd situations happen occasionally. For example, a bank invites its active client to open a bank account when he or she has already opened it. That's because the company doesn't recognize its customer. Wouldn't it be better to show an add about favorable terms of getting a mortgage to the client who wishes to buy a house? So it becomes important not only owning the data but also managing it.


Business analytics

Business analytics

Software architecture

Software architecture

Big Data

Big Data







Technological challenges

While scaling from the MVP to a full-featured technology platform certain improvements should be taken:


Analyzing and re-evaluating MVP


Developing an understanding of the Adtech domain


Performance testing of the microservices under load


Rearchitecting the entire stack based on the latest big data technologies


Migrating from the legacy stack to the new one whilst campaign were in flight


Setting up the IaC devops procedures and processes

Technological challenges

A further Myntelligence strategy is to develop a platform much like the Customer Data Platform (CDP) that enables companies to obtain a 360-degree view of their customers and to create personalized customer journeys across all digital media to achieve their marketing objectives along the customer value lifecycle.


Key features

Campaign journey

The campaign journey sets a campaign type (display, email, social, etc.) enriching it with the basic elements (a timer, trigger, audience, etc.)

Campaign insights

The campaign insight displays most of the core information related to ongoing, past and upcoming campaigns like timeframes, budgets, goals, CTR, clicks, metrics, etc.

Audience builder

A user-friendly interface with a bunch of filters to create profile segments for running targeted campaigns.


Tech perks achieved during the development process:

- Switching to modern Big Data technology.

- Carrying the interaction between microservices with Kafka.

- Storing data in a distributed Cassandra database.

- Using Apache Spark for aggregations in the Hadoop cluster.

- Coding most microservices with Scala or Java.

Values for business

- Storing only relative and unique data about the target audience in one place

- Reaching clients without breaking the GDPR rules due to the cookies-free technology

- Creating a more intellectual and well-thought-out ads

- Building bridges with the target audience with a clear customer journey

- Earning bigger profits with clearer data

Values for the audience

- Avoiding aggressive and non-contextual advertising

- Preventing the annoying banners parade after visiting websites

- Getting a personalized treatment via only useful ads

- Obtaining only relevant offers from business

The results

- During 2018 there were around 1 billion events and 60 million active user accounts.
- Now there are around 10 million events held per day with no ads campaign launched. If an advertising campaign is running, the number of events per day grows exponentially.
- Myntelligence company turnover is around 20 million euros and continues to grow.
- More importantly, this platform is expected to significantly change the way digital advertising operates today.
Myntelligence is a data intelligence solution that enables companies to acquire online data about users while they browse the website, mobile app, or watching the ad on the web. These data are used for targeted advertising and CRM data enrichment.

You can grow your business only by knowing your customers!


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