Development time
12 months
8 professionals

The first mobile B2B payment solution with custom Blockchain and own Consensus

The first mobile B2B payment solution with custom Blockchain and own Consensus

The Brief

Our client identified the main problem of B2B relationships: the lack of transparency and high transaction fees. Thus appeared the idea to create a business platform where companies can buy and sell safely protected by crypto protocols. The solution is the first unique payment solution targeted at product/service component that provides free transactions and ensures credibility by Blockchain-powered smart contracts.



UI/UX design


front-end development


back-end development


custom blockchain


mobile app development





Delivered value

We had to develop a unique solution that would resolve the problem of international trading: the key goal of the project was to make all the process digital, from finding a partner to making the payment secured by Blockchain smart contracts. The main objective for the S-PRO team was to create and develop the exclusive blockchain solution without forking existing market solutions. All the time, we’ve closely cooperated with teams in China and Ukraine and communicated with the founder and security team in Silicon Valley.

Additionally, the client wanted to make a decentralized, but at the same time, private Blockchain solution to make international payments easier for businesses. To maintain user privacy, it was necessary to reduce the number of contacts with the central authority in the system that could be done with the help of a custom Blockchain built from scratch: it uses its own custom tokens that provide secure successful payments all over the globe.

Key features



The platform has advanced user authentication to solve the security problem

Private free transactions

Private free transactions

Only participants see the data while Blockchain smart contracts guarantee safety and transparency of the process

Burn/issue tokens

Burn/issue tokens

The ability to buy and sell tokens on the platform

Statistics data

Statistics data

Getting reports in real-time