Development time:
3 months
5 professionals


Cross-platform app for creators looking to capture visual perfection

The Brief

These days in every pocket there is a camera. The PolarPro team is engaged in exploring and capturing the beauty they see as they travel the globe, and they’re also committed to helping photographers from the casual amateur to the budding professional, express themselves through photography. They would fill the world with visual art. To accomplish this, they wanted an app that could be fitted to both camera and drone that would help with optimal lens filter selection and result in eye-opening imagery.



Mobile App Development


Back-end Development





Technological challenges

The app should deliver a seamless process of camera set-up and shot capture. Making PolarPro a must-have app for every photographer presented us with several technical challenges:


UI/UX smooth both for Android and iOS

The PolarPro team already had experience with an Android app, so our task was to make something that worked cross-platform with a similar design for both iOS and Android devices.

Reliable back-end

Complicated shots like that of a fast-moving object or waves crashing on the shore where every flying drop of water sparkles with sunlight no longer present any great difficulty. To enhance the beauty of the shot a user can apply filters or other app hacks to achieve exactly the result he desires.

”One-size-fits-all” solution

Art is a highly subjective concept. So we studied the app’s target audience and with their expectations of quality and user-friendliness in mind we delivered a cutting-edge solution.
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June 2018

Initial Preparation

  • technical specification
  • architecture
  • initial environment setup
  • API Specification

June – July 2018

Front-end Development

  • dashboard
  • filter guides
  • API integration

July 2018

Back-end Development

  • admim panel
  • settings

August 2018


  • back-end development
  • Q&A
  • release