Staff management platform for hospitality businesses

A staff management system that automates and optimizes scheduling and time tracking

Client: Software company in Switzerland

Time management
End customer
HoReCa businesses in Switzerland: cafes, hotels, restaurants, bars, and gyms
Value delivered
We solved a problem common to all restaurant businesses — namely, the difficulty of scheduling shifts for employees. The solution simplifies personnel management for the entire hospitality industry in Switzerland.
Executive Summary & Results
Executive Summary
Our client asked us to develop a SaaS solution to improve management and automate staff organization. The task of the S-PRO team was to create the primary parts of the project, engineering, design, and documentation.
So far, we have created a design prototype that describes the main functionality of the website and app and explains the user journey. This has laid the groundwork for development.
Preperations & Challenges
  • The S-PRO team gathered for a two-day workshop with the client in Kyiv.
  • We brainstormed ideas and suggested possible ways to realize the platform.
  • An S-PRO business analyst and designer described and implemented the product’s functional, user-friendly screens, and documentation.
  • We researched similar solutions to better understand the market and create a unique offer.
Our main challenge was to create a user-friendly design that would be convenient for future customers and meet our partner’s expectations. Being a designer himself, our client had a vision of how the website and app should look to fit the market. Our designer worked hard on the details to propose solutions that would achieve our client’s goal.
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