Development time
6 months
Team size
23 professionals



Tifo is a platform with built-in payment cards that helps sports clubs and their members manage participation, ensures simple payments, improves communication between all participants in the sports industry, and generally strengthens the sports community.

Tifo’s partner is the payment system Treezor, which is implemented in the application. Clubs and their members can use Treezor cards.

The client
A FinTech startup from France

The brief

Based on our client’s vision and business goals, we defined three global tasks:
  • Develop a mobile and web application that provides sports clubs with a convenient platform for creating events
  • Сreate a platform that will establish a strong connection between sports clubs, players, and fans
  • Make sure the platform is comfortable for members of sports clubs, allowing them to read news, find events, plan and manage membership in teams and clubs, and pay to participate in events
  • Integrate these applications with the Treezor payment system

End customers


Web application

Sports clubs and coaches

Mobile application

Members of sports clubs and members’ parents

Key features


Web application

  1. Create clubs and teams
  2. Accept participants
  3. Manage user data
  4. Create posts and events

Mobile application

  1. Participate in a club, team, or event
  2. Pay to participate in events
  3. View club news
  4. View events in which friends are participating

Mobile banking

  1. Activate and manage bank accounts
  2. Create bank cards
  3. View transactions
  4. Send and receive money
  5. Replenish accounts with a card from any bank
  6. Accept payments from event participants



React Native

Mob development


Front end

AWS Cognito

Front end


Front end


Back end

AWS Cognito

Back end


Back end

Treezor REST API



Business analysis
Project management
Mobile development
Backend development
Frontend development



June 2020

Start of development

September — October 2020

Testing stage

November 2020

MVP ready




  • Structuring a large number of complex requirements to fulfill all our client’s wishes
  • Correctly integrating mobile banking with a sports application
  • Recruiting developers with relevant experience in the chosen application architecture
  • Lack of a test environment


Thanks to a strong team of developers, testers, and recruiters, we coped with these challenges and satisfied our client’s needs.


  • 01
    Tifo is a platform dedicated to the world of amateur sports that is able to meet the needs of athletes and sports organizations. The app encourages young people to play sports and makes it easier for sports clubs, sports federations, and sports institutions to organize and run events.
  • 02
    Athletes, their families, and their fans finally have a tool that simplifies their lives. Users can receive messages from coaches, clubs, and teams as well as instantly receive and send money with one click thanks to P2P payment functionality. All this is available in addition to arranging and paying membership fees, and much more.
  • 03
    Tifo connects sports and payments. The application will be used to manage participation in sports events (by participants and organizers) and as a bank wallet.
  • 04
    We are pleased with the work we’ve done, and now we’re preparing for user acceptance testing, during which our client and end users will test the application in practice.
  • 05
    We are also currently undergoing an audit of the banking application. This security test checks banking functionality to see how safely and correctly everything has been implemented.

Future plans

  • Collect feedback from users
  • Attract investments
  • Launch White label solution
  • Launch a marketplace for the sale of goods and sports services
  • Maintenance and further improvements

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