Testing is an integral part of product development since it allows you to eliminate bugs before the user encounters them.

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Idea review before start

Idea is a half way to success. Our business developers provide complex idea analytics which includes competitors research, market research, SWOT analysis and project monetization.
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Create architecture
& development plan

It's critical to get baseline architecture right and build on the top of it. Build a mapped out plan of everything you want to do, in detail, in order to make your project predictable and successful.
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Refactoring and review of existing product

If you have a bunch of code in desperate need of refactoring, you've come to the right place. Refactoring is safest and cheapest when it is done in small increments rather than in large batches.
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Scrum development

We make project iterations instantly which allows to build products faster, get the feedback from users at a time and change the scope of the project according to updated criteria.
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Marketing strategy

Our goal is to be persuasive enough that the audience responds and engages with your services. We'll create a marketing plan and SEO strategy so you could just sit back and get your clients.
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UX & UI design

We provide a comprehensive design sesrvice capable of meeting all of your web, mobile, print and multimedia needs. You’ll see how your design is progressing, through mock-ups to its implementation.
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