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The Brief

NCHL is a nonprofessional hockey league in Calgary with 10k+ players. Before the solution, it was hard to predict budget, expenses and number of teams and games for the season. A captain had to collect money from 20-50 team players to pay for the participation. The procedure was time-consuming, inconvenient and caused inefficient cash flow usage. The issue required an innovative approach to optimize cash flow prediction.

Breakout is the solution that shortens the value chain by a combination of social and financial tools and results in improving the finance of the company.

solution that shortens the value chain



UI/UX design

front-end development

back-end development

mobile app development



Delivered Value

Every participant of the transaction faced distinct obstacles before the product. Thus, we associated solutions for three user profiles:

- A league CFO;

- A captain;

- A team player.

The admin panel opportunities for different users are:

- A league representative can manage all the payments, control contributors and hold the season;

- A captain has the tools to create and distribute invoices and gather a team;

- A team player has different opportunities to pay or even divide the payment for separate fees in his personal account.

Our experts shortened the value chain, accelerated cash flow and made it predictable in one digital environment.

Key features

Now everything needed is gathered in one digital environment, convenient for both players and skating rink owners. There is a built-in payment system that significantly simplifies the flow of invoices and money transfers related to the game organization.

A convenient built-in payment system for players


Manage all payments with a mobile device

Breakout allows users to organize all the payments with their smartphones efficiently. It is an excellent solution for skating businesses that need to systemize all players’ fees and payments.


Choose among different payment options

The player can make a one-time payment, split it into two money transfers, or pay monthly. There are different options available in the system, so players can choose what suits them best.


Get receipts in PDF format via email

Do not worry about whether a money transaction has been completed. You will receive all confirmations and receipts via email.


Pay with a credit card via PayPal

No need to switch between apps to make a payment. You can quickly pay with a credit card via PayPal, without logging out of an app.


Easy invoicing and collecting fees

As a team leader or a skating rink owner, you can create invoices and manage payments for a whole team within several clicks. No need to mess around with the cash and checks.