IT Consulting & Development:Approach

We provide FinTech companies with pragmatic technology solutions and financial software development services. Our delivery approach is tailored to bring disruptive digital improvements to life.

The software development life cycle at S-PRO includes three phases:
Client Value Definition
Product Discovery
Software Development

Fintech Focus

  • Define your security perimeter
  • Comply with global standards & Apply internal policies
  • Infrastructure as a service (CI/CD, delivery pipelines)
  • Comply with international financial reporting standards
  • Recruit FinTech specialists
Our Workflow
Client Value Definition Phase
2-7 days
R&D FinTech Lab: A deep dive into your business idea

Only high-quality product development leads to the expected result, and our R&D Lab is essential in this process. Our team of subject matter experts will thoroughly explore your business before we make you an offer.

  • 1

    Assign business analysts, solution architects, and designers to the project

  • 2

    Handle organizational issues: identify stakeholders and main project consultants from the client’s side and S‑PRO

  • 3

    Approve the communication plan: time, frequency, and format of meetings

  • 4

    Conduct brainstorming sessions and interviews to discuss ideas and collect new requirements

  • 5

    Create an approval flow: agree with the client on the format of corrections, comments, and approvals for project components

  • 6

    Conduct additional research on compliance, APIs, business processes, competitors, must-have practices, and killer features

  • 7

    Specify and validate requirements

  • 8

    Create a high-level project estimate

  • 9

    Make an offer with one or several options for product development

You Get
  • A deep understanding of your product and niche features

    Since we have in-house subject matter experts and domain expertise, we can tell you the precise amount of time needed to onboard the team.

  • A guaranteed budget

    Since our R&D team takes an in-depth look at your business idea before project development, we can provide approximate minimum and maximum cost estimates.

  • Product–market fit

    We implement the Design Thinking methodology at the presale stage to increase the likelihood of achieving product–market fit.

  • A signed contract

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