Breakout is the solution that shortens the value chain by a combination of social and financial tools and results in improving the finance of the company.


- The solution has proceeded over $4 millions just in few months after the launch.

- We’ve accelerated cash flow and made it predictable.

- Today this solution helps more than 9000 players and 788 teams in 7 leagues with their payment challenges. The number is counting every minute.

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Cross-platform app for creators looking to capture visual perfection


A must-have tool for every photographer striving to capture that perfect shot. PolarPro is an all-in-one solution that assists with camera set-up, filter choice, and calculation of exposure time and incorporates geo-positioning.
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Digital ecosystem for hospital staff to communicate and coordinate patient care


A unified system for communication and file distribution between hospital staff. Secure, flexible and simple messenger and file storage - helps to coordinate and improve patient care. We’ve been supporting Hubspring for 2 years as the project is constantly improving and expanding.
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Unique customer-centric management platform for food delivery

TSO Chinese Delivery

A platform to automate order-kitchen-delivery chain and make the payment process instant and reliable. It’s a mobile first app intuitive for customers and flexible for admins. On the first day of the launch TSO got so many orders that it run out of products. But - what is important - the platform endured such load perfectly.
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A decentralized platform for cryptocurrency trading


It is a secure and simple in use assistant to help users enjoy trading on the cryptocurrency market. MeterQubes allows wallet-to-wallet exchange and trading ERC-20 tokens. The platform is intuitively navigable both for users and admins.
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Green Blockchain startup to reward environmentally responsible users

Climate Drops

An app that encourages people to be more environmentally-conscious by giving them rewards for every green action. Climate Drops is Blockchain powered - that ensures full user security and clear bonus distribution.
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A wallet application for Ethereum and ERC-20 transactions


Convenient and user-centered mobile app for cryptocurrency payments and investments. We provided planning stage for CryptoTap giving our business partners detailed specification and estimation of the future product.
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An app that connects politicians and voters


Ezme opens new horizons for communication between political leaders and potential voters. Politicians can share information via the app, while users get updates straight from government representatives they trust.
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A tablet app that speeds up sales 4 times


An app that shortens the period from the first call to the successful sale by 76% - from 4 days to less than 24 hours. Virtuoso automates the business process along with bringing a customer-to-company interaction to a new, more efficient level.
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A custom streaming solution for a nonprofit organization


Real-time streaming service accessible from four platforms, working seamlessly with each. A powerful solution offering custom navigation and designed to fit user need.
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Emergency Assistance Call System for people with Health Limitations


Emergency call service for people in poor health and seniors in need of a special level of care. The socially significant platform to provide help asap, giving customers those feeling of safety and freedom wherever they are.
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Energy Contracts Artificial Intelligence


A complete solution for the energy market providing both electricity suppliers and consumers with the best criteria of a transparent deal. Energy Contracts AI helps to predict the power generation and consumption with the highest degree of accuracy towards the real value, therefore, optimizing the power station’s profitability.
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Technological marketing platform for online advertisers and publishers


Myntelligence is a marketing operating system that tracks consented consumer data with long-lasting cross-device technology, offers marketing orchestration and activates the audience with an omni-channel experience. It aims at changing the world of online advertising and publishing by transforming the customers’ digital model into a user-centric business.
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An app designed to build frontline ambassadors for your brand and boost sales


The Mevo app helps build long-term brand loyalty, increasing sales rates by assuring that the advantages of your products are clear and accessible to the end-user. Mevo has already been successfully adopted by brands like Miele, Huawei, Red Bull, Diesel, Samsung, and Salomon.
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