We are S-PRO
Our team consists of perfectionists. There is no need to stand with a whip over them, so that they do their job well. They know what solution will be the best. And they know how to implement it.
Meet the team
Igor Izraylevych
Andrii Fisiuk
Co-founder/VP of Product Management
Aleksandr Saiko
VP of engineering
Elena Izraylevych
VP Finance & Administration
Arseniy Burmistrov
Head of Sales
Alina Anzina
Eugene Golovan
Team Lead Full Stack
Andrii Bobrovskii
Team Lead Full Stack
Valentin Galkin
Head of Crossplatform mobile development
Svetlana Us
Project Manager
Our team practices radical honesty in working with clients. We'll tell the truth if your idea is not good. We strive to spend our time and your money only on projects that are really worth it.
Our team is skeptical about corporate rules and can't stand bureaucracy. We work the way we like, and we believe in what we do. If you share our values, we'll definitely create something great together!
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