About Us

S-PRO is a trusted IT service partner, which works as an R&D center by combining deep technology expertise across mobile, data and cloud solutions together with specific domain knowledge. We create a consulting expertise on how to use modern technologies in a set of industries.
of the company's revenue comes from fintech products
team members
2 of 3
projects are initiated from ideation phase
years full-cycle development experience
Why Us
Product Mindset
Design Sprint Methodology
RnD Lab
A team of highly qualified Subject Matter Experts
Partner Attitude
Our Strengths
Tracked Project Progress
By using a high-level overview, flexible software development management methodologies (Agile & Scrum), and certified project managers, we carefully track every step of our projects to deliver on time and budget
Deep understanding of your product and niche features
Since we have in-house subject matter experts and domain expertise, we introduce time that is needed to make the team onboarded
A stable product is ensured by
Picking the application architecture and technologies that are most suitable for the product. Conducting a variety of tests during the software development life cycle, and carrying out load testing
Guarantee of the agreed budget
We provide an approximate estimation of the cost, ranging from minimum to maximum
Commitment to Product-Market Fit
Our implementation of the Design Thinking methodology allows us to target and achieve a product-market match