Efforts involved:
5 people
Development time:
3 months


Explore, Travel, and Capture Perfection Every Step of the Way

The world is drowning in photos - today life is all about taking pictures of every single step you do. But quantity doesn’t improve quality - people make photos of what they are eating, reading, watching, which results in treating the photography as an everyday thing, not as art. Fortunately still there are enthusiasts who try to express themselves through the pictures and provide diverse mindset in the society. For such admirers impeccable shot is a must, and PolarPro app helps with that.

PolarPro team is a group of perfect-picture-seeking photographers. They explore, and travel, and capture all the beauty they see. And they want to help others to do the same. So they decided to create an app that helps to choose the most optimal filter for the camera or drone to capture the image in the way the user expects it to be.

Services Provided


Mobile App Development


Back-end Development





Our Goal

The goal was to create a cross-platform app (which means it will work both on Android and iOS devices) that will be a handy tool for photographers and videographers. We aimed to create a tool to provide a seamless process of setting up the camera and capturing the shot, that would become a must-have in every photographer’s arsenal. So we determined three main features of the app we want to achieve:

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Flawlessly-working functions
  • Reliable back-end

Functionality implemented

The app has a few narrowly focused functions to help users customize filters for a specific situation with specific conditions to take the picture they want. The user may want to take a photo of the fast-moving object, or capture sea splashes with every drop sparkling in the sun, or whatever else. The perfect camera that will take flawless shots hasn’t yet been invented, so the photographer must use filters and special settings to achieve a beautiful picture. PolarPro app helps the user to choose the most suitable filter, provides settings for the camera and choose the location and time for the shot.

Features implemented:

  • Choosing the needed filter to get the shutter speed to double the frame rate;
  • The calculator of exposure time for long-exposure photos;
  • Live wind and weather forecasts for user locations;
  • KP index;
  • Countdown and alerts for golden hour (the period of the day when the sun is the softest);
  • Showing zones where using of drones is prohibited.
“First impression count” so there is a splash screen to draw the user’s attention at once. It has short and quick animation with PolarPro logo and motto to strengthen the brand identity.

Every section has simple yet eye-catching animations. They are schematic and recognizable at the first glance.

The whole concept of PolarPro app design is aimed to make the user interaction seamless and engaging, while being focused on the completion of the tasks.

Technological challenges

The app has a few technological aspects that were rather difficult and time-consuming to implement, among which are showing weather forecast and countdown to golden hour, based on user’s location. But the most challenging was making an app cross-platform to reach as many people as possible and deliver the highest quality at the same time.

The more platforms the app covers, the more audience it gets:


Easier and more quick updates

One team of developers is working on the app and its further updates. Not only it facilitates the communication inside the team, but makes deployment, maintenance and releasing the updates much easier and less resource-absorbing.

Identical look

If the app is developed for different platforms separately, the differences between how it feels and looks are inevitable. While cross-platform app works exactly the same on all devices.

Reduced development costs

It’s easy - one team working on the project is cheaper than a few.

Challenges of cross platform development:


More complicated UI/UX development

Android and iOS devices have pretty different layout, so creating one app that will work seamlessly on any gadget, is quite a task. But we are proud to have a team of experienced and truly engaged in the development process developers, who work hard to deliver the flawless product.

Finding “one-size-fits-all” solution

It’s easier to have a small target audience, whose tastes and preferences are known, and create a product specifically for its needs. Trying to create a universal app that will reach a wide range of masses is much harder - there is always a risk of the faceless product with no identity.

We at S-PRO are happy and proud to work with PolarPro team.

It was easy to achieve mutual understanding because guys knew exactly what they want and shared with us precisely their expectations. Thanks to close cooperation and clear understanding of what future product must do and how it must work we managed to create an app where every single element has its function and helps the user to achieve their goals.

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