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S-PRO provides custom renewable energy software development services to enable agile decision-making and provide digital stability in a volatile market.

Develop advanced renewable energy software solutions to dramatically improve the productivity, accessibility, safety, and sustainability of your business.

Renewable Energy

Modo Energy – Case Study

renewable energy
Data analytics platform with actionable insights into the UK alternative energy industry
A paid UK data analytics platform for the alternative energy industry that provides B2B customers with extensive industry metrics.
  • Modo Energy has raised over £1 million in investment
  • Huge scope of analytical data helps users explore markets, get detailed asset data, and track performance
  • Stylish dashboard shows all aspects of the energy market
Tim Overton
Co-founder & CTO at Modo Energy
The platform has received positive feedback for its simplicity and intuitive design. S-PRO recommended features that weren’t on our product roadmap, but they’ve become an imperative part of our product.
We develop digital solutions for renewable energy businesses to increase their profitability and unlock new revenue streams. Our development services help energy companies identify, evaluate, select, and implement successful clean energy projects in the fields of:
Solar Renewable Energy
harness the power of the sun
Biomass Renewable Energy
use living or recently living organisms and waste to create energy
Wind Renewable Energy
use the motion of the wind to create electricity
Geothermal Renewable Energy
capture the internal heat of the earth for energy
Hydropower Renewable Energy
use moving water to generate power

Custom Renewable Energy Software Solutions

S-PRO provides innovative custom software solutions that empower renewable energy and utility companies to achieve greater agility and dynamism.

Energy Management Systems

Our team develops energy management platforms that allow you to monitor projects, track energy use, cut energy expenditures, and more. Discover new opportunities for energy savings by monitoring and forecasting consumption.

CRM Software Solutions

S-PRO builds custom CRM software solutions for the renewable energy sector. Our engineers also develop professional networking platforms for employees and executives. With our CRM platforms, you can improve both relationships with customers and your company’s internal work.

ERP Platforms

We develop enterprise resource planning (ERP) platforms for the energy sector with an extensive suite of features that help you automate processes and easily get industrial and operational insights. Transform your renewable energy business by running your ERP and core business processes in the cloud with S-PRO.

MRP Software

We create manufacturing resource planning (MRP) software that meets your business needs, goals, and requirements. Easily manage inventory, track your renewable energy company’s cash flow, and more — all in one user-friendly platform.

Smart Grid Data Processing

We build intelligent energy and utility software solutions based on predictive analytics that allow you to minimize energy use, maximize grid operation, optimize performance, automatically detect resources, and safeguard against crashes.

Custom Utility Management Solutions

Our skilled engineers create customizable utility management systems that satisfy the energy industry’s fast-growing demands. We develop leading-edge utility software to receive precise data on things like energy costs and clean energy use.

Renewable energy digital solution R&D. Design. Development. Support.

Our Renewable Energy Software Development Services

Solar energy software development

Solar design software
PV portfolio management
Solar panel applications for consumers
Solar design software
Create optimal PV layout and infrastructure to increase energy output. We can assist you with solutions for virtual solar farm building, mapping, production planning, and more, as well as with creating standalone drag-and-drop tools for designing and installing photovoltaic systems.
PV portfolio management
PV portfolio management solutions provide tools for monitoring and managing solar power plants through a central system. They are multi-component and can be configured individually according to business needs. We develop tools for asset management, data analysis, visualization, and reporting as well as process automation and document management.
Solar panel applications for consumers
These include web and mobile applications for consumers who have installed photovoltaic panels at their homes or who have access to local solar energy sources. Solutions provided by our energy software company include PV production and storage monitoring, PV remote control and tilt automatics, and installation of applications and simulators.

Wind energy software development

Digital wind farm development
Offshore wind park management software
Digital wind farm development
Create digital twins of real wind turbines and infrastructure that run in the cloud and mimic their physical counterparts using data from real physical assets, environmental sensors, weather stations, etc. Digital twins provide endless possibilities for real-time asset monitoring as well as predictive maintenance and scenario testing.
Offshore wind park management software
Offshore wind projects are difficult to monitor and maintain because of the complexity and cost of equipment, connectivity challenges, and often unpredictable environment. S-PRO engineers develop IoT-based systems for monitoring and managing offshore assets.

Hydropower energy software development

Hydropower monitoring solutions
Hydropower design, simulation, and analytics tools
Hydropower monitoring solutions
The operation of hydroelectric power plants requires real-time monitoring of equipment performance, asset management, and preventive maintenance of new and aging equipment. S-PRO’s feature-rich energy solutions provide hydropower operators with monitoring, analytics, and simulation tools to increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve power plant safety.
Hydropower design, simulation, and analytics tools
S-PRO experts create innovative design and simulation software for offshore and renewable energy projects. Our systems use a combination of technologies such as sensor-based monitoring and AI-based analytics to carve out a completely new niche in the renewable energy market.

Geothermal and bioenergy software development

The S-PRO team offers a wide range of geothermal and bioenergy high-end digital solutions for the energy business. This category includes sensors for measuring, evaluating and planning biomass production; IoT water quality control for cooling processes; geological data visualization and machine analytics for geothermal planning and internal operations management; 3D modeling, image analysis, and GIS tools for plant design; and IoT-based solutions for monitoring and evaluating the condition of equipment and preventive maintenance.

Our Expertise in Renewable Energy Software Development

Big data & predictive analytics for renewable energy

We deliver renewable energy management systems that process large volumes of data received from smart sensors, grid equipment, weather forecasts, GIS data, and other devices to help renewable energy and utility companies forecast future conditions and plan power generation based on reliable data.

Artificial intelligence solutions for renewable energy

Our energy software company creates innovative AI-based solutions for the renewable energy industry that deliver detailed visibility into a utility customer’s electricity consumption. This helps energy providers to satisfy demand, optimize performance, and boost new product development.

Blockchain development for renewable energy

Blockchain-based business solutions will provide your renewable energy business with reliable capabilities to track asset ownership as well as to quickly and securely settle and record transactions such as energy trades without the need for an intermediary. Blockchain-based solutions are currently boosting the energy sector.

Mobile app development for renewable energy

Our experienced developers build mobile applications for the renewable energy sector that are integrated into different areas of management, customer support, field service, and marketing. We develop native applications for iOS and Android platforms as well as cross-platform mobile apps.

Web development for renewable energy

At S-PRO, we apply the latest web technologies and resources to empower energy and utility companies with engaging, responsive, and innovation-driven website solutions. Let your business stand out in the heavy competition.

UI/UX design for renewable energy

Our senior UI/UX experts design energy and utility applications with extensive functionality, ultra-intuitive user experiences, clear dashboards, and custom branding. Now, you can visualize all energy data and analytics in a convenient interface for highly informed decision-making.

How Сlean Energy Will Power The World

Renewables are breaking new records. In 2021, renewable energy sources accounted for 37% of EU electricity production, up from 34% in 2019.
Almost a quarter of the EU’s electricity came from renewable sources in 2020.
Renewable energy sources make up 26% of the world’s electricity today, but according to the IEA (International Energy Agency), that share is expected to reach 30% by 2024.
The transition to renewable energy holds the key to tackling the global energy and climate crises. The World Energy Transitions Outlook by the International Renewable Energy Agency outlines priority actions by 2030 to keep to 1.5 degrees Celsius of warming and calls on governments to fast-track the energy transition for greater energy security, resilience, and affordability.
The Hague in the Netherlands has a goal to become 100% carbon-neutral by 2040, and the city plans to open at least four geothermal heating plants within the next five years.
Renewable power will take over 50% of the market by 2035, with subsequent growth to nearly 75% of the global power generation market by 2050.

Our Expertise in Renewable Energy Software Development

Evolve your energy business with digital innovations
Would you like to reach new levels of operational efficiency? Leverage state-of-the-art enterprise technologies powered by predictive analytics and artificial intelligence to extend your asset and service management opportunities. Our renewable energy software development company is here to help you incorporate digital innovations and become a game-changer in the new P2P energy markets.
Invest intelligently with predictive analytics
Big data analytics can empower you to make smarter investments in new renewable energy assets by accurately forecasting various demand and performance scenarios. Optimize your grids with smart energy and utility asset management software based on predictive analytics. Our team of experts will deliver custom software that helps you minimize risks and maximize performance.
Be a pioneer in the new era of smart cities
As technology evolves, we see an increasing number of electric vehicles along with smart cities, plants, and buildings. This is leading to rising demand for next-generation software that analyzes energy use and implements granular optimization measures. You can be among the pioneers offering intuitive technology solutions.

Software development for the renewable energy sector

Why Implement Your Next Renewable Energy Software Solution With S-PRO?

Highly informed decisions

Our R&D team is continually researching and evaluating emerging technologies and evolving best practices. This empowers us to provide a highly informed perspective that translates into high-quality service.

Deep renewable energy industry insights and expertise

S-PRO’s experienced subject matter experts will take part in the development of your solution for renewable energy. Our experts deeply study the market to know all its offers, demands, opportunities, and needs.

Regulatory compliance & security

It goes without saying that the S-PRO team takes security seriously. Our renewable energy software company deals with sensitive personal and corporate data in many projects and always ensures this data is strongly protected from cyberattacks.

Close cooperation & an individual approach

We pay particular attention to effective communication, which is why our CEO and CTO always participate in all of our projects. If your product requires more time and attention, we are ready to discuss a personalized format of communication.

Digital transformation consultancy

Our team of experts and analysts will help you navigate today’s landscape of opportunities in the renewable energy market. S-PRO can consult you on how to implement digital transformation in your renewable energy business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Renewable energy, also called alternative energy, is collected from sources that do not get depleted and can be replenished within the span of a human lifetime. It is also clean energy, meaning it produces no direct emissions of greenhouse gases or other air pollutants.
Solar energy
Sunlight is functionally endless. With the technology to harvest it, there is a limitless supply of solar energy, meaning it could render fossil fuels obsolete. Relying on solar energy rather than fossil fuels also helps us improve public health and environmental conditions.
Current limitations:
Although solar energy will save you money in the long run, generating it tends to involve significant upfront costs and as such is an unrealistic investment for most households. Homeowners also need to have ample sunlight in a location where they can place their solar panels, limiting the practicality of adopting this technology at the consumer level.
Wind energy
The wind is a source of sustainable and clean energy. As long as the wind blows, energy can be sent across the grid. The production of wind energy doesn’t produce carbon dioxide or release any harmful products that can cause environmental degradation or negatively affect human health, such as smog, acid rain, or heat-trapping gases.
Current limitations:
Since wind farms tend to be built in rural or remote areas, they are usually far from the bustling cities where electricity is needed most. Wind energy must be transported via transmission lines, leading to higher costs. And although wind turbines produce very little pollution, some cities oppose them since they dominate skylines and generate noise.
Hydroelectric energy
Hydroelectric power is versatile and can be generated using both large-scale and small-scale infrastructure. It doesn’t generate pollution, and therefore is a much more environmentally friendly energy source compared to oil, natural gas, coal, and nuclear energy.
Current limitations:
Most hydroelectric facilities use more energy than they are able to produce for consumption. Hydroelectric installations also negatively affect water waves and disturb animals that live in the affected habitats.
Geothermal energy
Geothermal energy is not as common as other types of renewable sources, but it has significant energy potential and is naturally replenished.
Current limitations:
It is quite expensive to build geothermal energy infrastructure.
Ocean energy
Unlike other forms of clean energy, wave energy is predictable, so it’s easy to estimate the amount of energy that can be produced. Compared to the sun and the wind, wave energy is much more consistent.
Current limitations:
Harnessing wave energy can disturb many of the ocean’s delicate ecosystems.
Biomass energy
The use of biomass in energy production releases carbon dioxide into the air, but regeneration of plants consumes the same amount of carbon dioxide, which can create a balanced atmosphere.
Current limitations:
Although plants need carbon dioxide to grow, we do not yet have widespread technologies that can use biomass as an energy source in large quantities.
  • Digital transformation has given birth to technological innovations in performance monitoring, forecasting, and asset management in the energy sector. Empowered by big data solutions, predictive analytics platforms, and the Internet of Things, renewable electricity providers can collect, analyze, and act on data more effectively than ever. Big data allows them to identify new trends, forecast problems, and recognize investment opportunities.
  • Digital transformation is turbocharging the transition to alternative energy sources and shaping a favorable investment environment for new market entrants. We see a growing commitment to renewable energy opportunities among legislators, businesses, and consumers. By integrating our efforts, ideas, and technology solutions in the energy sector, we are moving together toward a cleaner and healthier world.
  • At S-PRO, we believe in the powerful future of the renewable energy industry and contribute to it by providing comprehensive energy software solutions. We help utility companies and energy equipment manufacturers create scalable products to expand their operations and boost efficiencies to meet rising market demand.
More and more countries, public enterprises, and private companies are setting themselves the goal of minimizing their carbon footprint and increasing the share of renewable (alternative, clean) energy in their overall energy supply. Many factors are contributing to the establishment of these goals.
- The world is adopting new environmental standards and decarbonization policies.
- Governments and private organizations increasingly support clean energy initiatives and research.
- Software reduces the cost of integrating renewable energy and storage technologies.
- Energy software companies are making their products and services more available by providing SaaS and IaaS solutions.
- We’re witnessing the rapid development of technologies — IoT, cloud, network solutions, predictive analytics, artificial intelligence — in the alternative energy field.
- The international community is promoting the transition to sustainable development and carbon neutrality.

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