Blockchain Development Team from Ukraine
We use blockchain-based ledgers, identity solutions, custom tokens, and smart contracts. For building secure decentralized system in your enterprise.
Platform that earns $4.000.000 each year, service with $430K cargo, analysis service that is used by MasterCard are stories of our customers success.
Smart Contracts Development
We put certain logic (your business process) behind the smart contract. We use ERC20 Token Contracts standard.
Custom Blockchain Development
We can write custom private blockchain for your startup or business.
We will shape your idea into a mobile app for iOS, Android, Web, or create a cross-platform solution.
We provide solutions for
Resource sharing
Mobile/web wallets
Loyalty programs
Blockchain can be used in almost any sphere. What matters is the idea and thought-out business processes.
Case Study
Startup in Energy Sphere
Developing an MVP version of an ecosystem that would award digital money to users for using electric transport. Making it possible for users to exchange this digital money for real items and services from the app's partners. Solving the problem of mistrust between users with the help of blockchain.

We developed 2 apps, 6 main and a number of supportive smart contracts, and a web server for additional data. We made blockchain private using Ethereum platform.
Who we are
S-PRO is a team of 70+ experts that provides full-cycle development service of Web & Mobile applications.

We help people to turn their ideas into successful startups. Our team provides creative solutions for businesses to increase their revenue.

In S-PRO we use only the latest development techniques and we are always open for up-to-date solutions.
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