Let’s Talk About The Product Discovery Phase

We believe the key to high-quality software delivery is deep and thorough planning, so we’ve come up with a robust approach to meet your expectations — The Project Discovery Phase.
R&D Lab
A deep dive into your business idea. A team of subject matter experts carefully explores your business before we make you a product development offer.

Product Discovery Phase

This stage is a way to deal with the uncertainty that is present at the beginning of any project. It helps:
Thorough market analysis and planning prevent many failures
The Product Discovery Phase is vital for business owners who want to complete their projects on time and within budget. Underestimating the importance of this phase turns potential cost savings into a huge gap in your budget.
Solidify the goal and define the direction
Tackle potential roadblocks & reduce risks
Create a product roadmap
Build trust with a software development vendor
Result Doesn’t Meet Expectations
Result Meets Expectations

Engage in Collaborative Workshops with S-PRO's C-Level Executives

At S-PRO, we uphold a personalized approach for every client, dedicating ourselves to achieving the utmost excellence in development. Our commitment spans across every phase of product creation, ensuring a seamless and high-quality outcome.
Allow us to craft a robust business and product strategy that harmonizes perfectly with your customer's needs. By closely aligning our efforts with your unique business vision, we're poised to propel your enterprise to new heights.
Design Thinking Approaches Workshop
Ignite innovation and uncover unique solutions. Through interactive sessions, we delve deep into the users' perspectives, challenges, and aspirations. We guide you through empathy exercises, ideation sessions, and prototyping activities to gain valuable insights into user needs and pain points. By fostering a human-centered approach, we aim to build products that resonate with end-users and deliver exceptional experiences.
Product Detalization Workshop
Refine your vision and define a clear product roadmap. Through detailed discussions and brainstorming sessions, we identify core features, prioritize functionalities, and map out a step-by-step plan for execution. We delve into technical aspects, potential challenges, and resource allocation to ensure a realistic and feasible development process. By the end of this workshop, you gain a comprehensive understanding of the product's architecture, functionalities, and development timeline, so you can make informed decisions and effectively communicate the project's scope to stakeholders.
Matching Customer Needs with Product Development and Features Workshop
Align your business goals with the ever-changing needs of your target audience. Through a combination of market research, user interviews, and data analysis, we gain a comprehensive understanding of the customer's pain points and desires. We guide you in evaluating your existing products or ideas against these insights, identifying gaps and areas for improvement. By the end of this workshop, you can make well-informed decisions about product features, enhancements, and optimizations that will lead to stronger market positioning and increased customer satisfaction.
Participate in dynamic workshops led by S-PRO's esteemed C-Level Executives. Our aim is to share our extensive product development experience with you, fostering a collaborative environment.

Introducing Our C-Level Team

With nearly a decade of dedicated effort, we've successfully crafted over 300 exceptional products, equipping us with invaluable insights into effective strategies and potential pitfalls.
As our collaboration takes flight, you'll have the privilege of engaging with members of our esteemed C-level. These dedicated professionals will become your project's steadfast companions, synergizing harmoniously to ensure the meticulous and streamlined creation of your product.
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Igor Izraylevych
CEO & Co-Founder
Building a business strategy, implementing strategic initiatives, and running a startup
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Andrew Fisiuk
COO & Co-Founder
Project management and team composition for successful delivery.
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Dmytro Voitekh
Building AI models, technical implementation of AI into business, selecting appropriate technologies for web and mobile development.
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Olena Izraylevych
Building and validation of the P&L model, financial and legal aspects of starting and running a successful company.
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Arseniy Burmistrov
Sales strategy, client acquisition, building a sales funnel, and AI for SMEs.
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Michael Barskiy
Head of Fintech Unit
Fintech, blockchain, crypto, and banking.

How to Run the Discovery Phase of a Project?

Duration 2-6 weeks
team of 3-4 proffesionals
Implement the Design Thinking methodology to provide the first ideation stages: Why–How–When
Use the Agile methodology to deliver predicted project progress
Conduct regular workshops with the client and team to brainstorm ideas and implement them in the specification
Pick the application architecture and technologies that are most suitable for the product
Create the detailed project structure presented in schematics and diagrams, showing how the elements interact and how the product functions
Come up with an accurate development estimate, providing an exact description of all app features, a cost-effective optimized budget, and different options for the development timeframe
Plan interactions between modules and third-party integrations: core banking systems, white label products, KYC services
Define the scope of work with a description of each page
Provide a clickable prototype of all interrelated pages that is an exact replica of the final product

Product Discovery Services Results

Architecture  >
Design  >
Specification  >
Estimate  >
Preliminary Roadmap & Resource Plan  >
Proof of Concept  >
Product Stability  >
The Predicted Project Progress  >

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Lviv, Ukraine
Heroiv UPA 71, 79000
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