7 Benefits of Combining AI and the Blockchain

7 Benefits of Combining AI and the Blockchain

Terms like artificial intelligence and the blockchain have become buzzwords for people across various lines of work and areas of interest. Both technologies advanced functionality, reduced costs, and other benefits for industries including finance, online marketing, healthcare, and software development. More often than not, they are combined to achieve optimal results. 

Around 55% of business professionals believe that AI and machine learning will be the most industry-transforming technologies in the coming years. Combined with the blockchain, they form a powerful ecosystem with advanced functionality at its core. 

In this post, we take a close look at the fundamental benefits of merging AI and the blockchain. As powerful as they are individually, their savvy combination enables ultimate data acquisition capabilities. Let’s consider the key benefits of the blockchain and AI. 

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Benefit #1 — Control and explain AI decisions

Humans can find it difficult to comprehend AI-driven decisions. This is mostly because AI solutions autonomously analyze huge sets of variables to determine those that are essential to reaching the overall goal. 

For instance, AI algorithms are employed to analyze payments and transactions to identify fraudulent activities. If any are found, they must be immediately blocked. Until recently, specialists had to check the accuracy of transaction data manually. 

However, with AI-driven decisions recorded inside a blockchain, auditing them is easy and fast. The decision-making flow can be recorded in a blockchain to achieve the degree of transparency and insight into AI decision-making that is necessary to gain public confidence.

Benefit #2 — Improve credibility

The blockchain has lots of benefits over other types of data storage. But the main challenge today is collecting input data to train a neural network. Users publicly share massive amounts of data online, but the quality of all this unstructured data is far from perfect. Such well-known companies as Facebook and Google use many computational techniques to try to avoid collecting and storing faulty information. Adversarial attacks can also reach the internal stores.

When integrating blockchain development with AI, various errors can be dealt with using encrypted data, digital signatures, and triple-entry accounting. By combining advanced cryptographic technologies with hashes and digital signatures, we may obtain dependable data in the face of technological limitations. As a result, we can confidently state that a certain dataset existed at a specific moment and has been unchanged.

Digital signatures confirm a hash by recording who created the stamp. Private keys allow for digital signatures and are subsequently verified using public keys, which take on the role of identifiers for the private keys.

Triple-entry accounting allows for composing cryptographically enclosed records such as invoices, receipts, or payments, distributing the underlying information among all involved parties. In this case, the software can work on the basis of credible information from other users.

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Benefit #3 — Improve security

In 2021, the European blockchain market brought in around $2 billion in revenue. And the numbers are growing steadily, mainly due to the huge range of advantages the blockchain provides. Reinforced security is among the top benefits. Blockchain-stored data is protected with built-in encryption mechanisms. 

A blockchain is efficient for recording personal data such as medical notes or individual recommendations. And data is what AI systems require in huge amounts — and regularly. Experts are now hard at work on algorithms and techniques that would enable AI to interact with encrypted data and not expose it in any way.

While a blockchain is highly secure, applications it works with can be vulnerable. This is exactly where the incorporation of AI development might be a game-changer. For instance, in finance, AI solutions can boost the deployment of blockchain apps. Beyond this, it can also help to predict cybersecurity breaches.

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Benefit #4 — Manage and store huge arrays of data

Although this benefit is related to improved security, we can’t pass it by. A distributed ledger can store encrypted data, while AI offers powers for managing that data productively. New use cases appear as a result. You may safely store personal information on the blockchain and distribute access to it. 

Companies such as Amazon and Facebook deal with extremely large quantities of data on a daily basis. With the blockchain and AI combined, all of this data can be protected so that third parties cannot access it in any way.

Another benefit of using such a stack is the ability to enhance the way users deal with data. Here’s how it works. Computers use various combinations of characters to analyze encrypted information and finally verify a transaction. In this case, AI traces code and learns this information. And AI does it faster than the human brain. More often than not, it happens almost instantly.

For example, Core Scientific is already using AI infrastructure based on a personalized blockchain with their business networks, helping them monitor the supply chain and get reports in real time. 

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Benefit #5 — Control blockchains more effectively

In terms of blockchain management, AI outuns both human and computer capabilities. As swift as computers can be in their operations, manipulating blockchain data on hardware devices still requires intense processing power, mainly due to the encrypted nature of the data processed. 

This is where AI might be a game-changer, as intelligent technologies allow users to control tasks faster and more intelligently. This enables users to be more effective and focus on more important tasks.

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Benefit #6 — Enhance the quality of smart contracts

Smart contracts were introduced not long ago, and they may not work as well as we would like. Artificial intelligence can easily check all smart contract decisions. We can see that smart contract technology is vulnerable to hackers and that it makes poor decisions influenced by outside factors. You may use AI or blockchain technologies to identify these factors and make the right decisions.

Benefit #7 — Get easier access to shared databases

Many companies use a common database to successfully run their operations. For instance, banks prefer a common database because it allows them to verify the accuracy of data submitted by users and makes it easier to check credit histories.

However, the blockchain combined with AI can make it easier. An AI algorithm can easily make a decision on approving a loan or issuing funds. And the blockchain keeps data safe. All this makes access to a shared database easier. A similar system can be developed for absolutely any company and keep information about it in one place.

For example, Bext360 uses the blockchain and AI to improve supply chain transparency in the mineral, timber, and coffee industries. The company’s AI monitors the state of crops and predicts growing patterns for various cultures. Meanwhile, a blockchain efficiently records and stores data on supply chain dynamics.


AI and the blockchain are powerful technologies that can change the world we live in. When used together, they have the chance to become even more capable. Today, some countries are already building smart city systems based on IoT, the blockchain, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. 

The blockchain has the potential to simplify work with AI solutions and dramatically speed up their development.

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