Crafting Superior AI Solutions in Business: Our Approach and Why It Matters

Igor Izraylevych

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Crafting Superior AI Solutions in Business: Our Approach and Why It Matters

Leveraging AI in businesses is the new imperative. With ground-breaking solutions like Google Cloud AI, ChatGPT, Salesforce Einstein — you name it, organisations enjoy advanced analytics, automated processes, and improved customer experience. Continue reading to discover S-PRO’s approach to artificial intelligence design and development.

Understanding AI Solutions and Their Value

Before delving into artificial intelligence, let’s define AI solutions. These software tools use AI technologies like ML, NLP, or computer vision to handle particular tasks.

The goals for leveraging AI in business may differ. Generally, they help with predictions, content creation, data analysis, and process automation. AI takes over the cognitive processes carried out by humans to assist them with routine or time-consuming activities.

Let’s now discuss the value artificial intelligence brings. Here are several AI solutions benefits for businesses:

  • Automation. AI solutions streamline repetitive tasks, so businesses need less manual effort to have their processes running.
  • Predictive analytics. By studying vast volumes of historical data, AI allows organisations to make accurate forecasts faster.
  • Personalisation. AI solutions can analyse customer behaviour and feedback. Using these insights, companies can deliver tailored recommendations and experiences.
  • Competitiveness. Artificial intelligence gives businesses a competitive edge. All thanks to quicker and more precise decisions.
  • Data-driven decisions. AI facilitates improved decisions, providing companies with insights.

ML Solution Design

S-PRO embarks on the ML solution design with a single guiding principle: creating AI features that are relevant and beneficial to our client’s product. Here’s what we initially do:

  1. We discuss your existing product, if any, or product ideas for AI in business.
  2. We handle workshops, where we communicate with the product owner and stakeholders. Our experts consider what metrics stakeholders use to evaluate our AI solution. It helps us figure out how particular parameters impact the whole platform.

Once we understand your AI product vision, we blueprint its architecture. Our steps usually are:

  1. We describe your AI solution’s architecture. Here, we adapt — whether integrating it within your existing product structure or building a new framework from scratch.
  2. We calculate the cost of hosting, support, and other processes associated with this implementation of AI in business.

In essence, this is the solution design phase, but for the world of machine learning. We follow a specific document (a checklist or template, as you like) to form a vision of how your AI product should look. After our experts fill out this template, they use it as a guideline in the AI research and development phase.

AI Research and Development

Having learned how S-PRO handles architecture design, explore our strategy for researching and developing AI in business. Our several services cater to this task; let’s go through them one by one.

AI Feasibility and Potential Research

First, we dive into your business objectives, like minimising production losses, boosting sales, speeding up production, or attracting new user requests. We tailor our AI solutions to your goals. For example:

  • Reducing production loss. We leverage data-driven analytics to determine non-productive areas and predictive algorithms to optimise processes, increase equipment uptime, and improve quality control.
  • Boosting sales. Our specialists use AI in business to study your customers and customise your products with AI or ML.
  • Growing production speed. We employ AI solutions to streamline tasks, forecast maintenance needs, and improve product quality.
  • Driving new users. Our experts leverage AI and ML to analyse user behaviour, tailor marketing efforts, and improve overall user experience.
  • Improving customer services. We use AI chatbots to streamline communication and personalise recommendations.

AI and Data Consultancy

S-PRO offers consultations tailored to your AI project. Drawing from our extensive expertise in finance, healthcare, energy, and 15 other industries, we help businesses validate their AI solutions concepts, select proper technologies, and plan their development resources. Here’s what we do:

  1. We check your AI idea’s viability and market potential.
  2. Our experts choose AI and ML tools, frameworks, and algorithms suitable for your project.
  3. We evaluate your training data quality and quantity.
  4. S-PRO handles resource planning, considering the time, workforce, and budget requirements.
  5. We analyse potential risks and AI challenges in business.

AI Data Architecture and Management

Other than the processes above, S-PRO typically covers data architecture and management. We handle data setup and provide procedures for proper data usage. Here are our tasks at this stage:

  1. We identify the necessary data sets and inform you of the data collection methods.
  2. Our experts study your current data.
  3. We help you determine additional data sources to power your AI in business.
  4. S-PRO sets up data management strategies to ensure its security and compliance.
  5. We help you select the most suitable techniques and tools for the AI solution to gather insights from your data.
  6. Our specialists guide you through AI implementation, from model creation to integration with your existing systems.

AI Development

Wrapping the above services up, here’s how S-PRO develops solutions for AI in business:

  1. Discovery. We explore your current data and infrastructure, define key metrics, and prototype the AI solution’s MVP.
  2. Data workflow optimisation. We implement a data stack to ensure stable and continuous data flow for your AI solution from various sources.
  3. Model development and iteration. We build and train the ML model following your goals.
  4. ML pipeline and deployment. We automate the entire ML lifecycle from production to deployment.
  5. Monitoring and improvement. We streamline operations and find ways to boost your AI solution’s performance.

AI Best Practices at S-PRO

What do we do to make the most of the AI solutions benefits? S-PRO has a well-established AI development process, and our best practices ensure maximum results. Look at these tips from our experts:

  • We thoroughly study the client company’s market context to determine business potential when introducing an AI solution.
  • Our experts handle solution design to test the AI idea’s feasibility.
  • We make a quick iteration and pilot the AI solution to the market to gather feedback from real users.
  • Our specialists launch a full-fledged AI solution to the market only after a refined strategy and a clear understanding of its potential.
  • We constantly explore new business prospects and customer needs, study feedback, and AI product performance.

Our AI Use Cases in Business

Explore S-PRO’s expertise in action. Here are our real-world AI use cases in business, extending from energy to fintech sectors.


Our client, Modo Energy, is a data analytics company that backs up energy businesses with valuable insights. Their data science team collects weather forecasts, energy market, IoT, and Smart Grid API data to build predictive models and facilitate data-driven decisions.

S-PRO experts assisted Modo with several services. We helped our client analyse energy market insights, make gathered data consistent and easily understandable, and handle performance forecasts.


Muuvr is a platform that allows athletes and sports enthusiasts to trade their active data for cryptocurrencies. The client required S-PRO to build their community hub using AI.

We developed an AI model to tackle several tasks. Our AI solution helps with user profiling, identity verification, personalised recommendations, and fraud detection.

Discover more AI use cases in business in our portfolio.

Why Choose Us

If you are considering using AI in business, S-PRO is your ultimate choice. Why? One advantage sets us apart — we offer full-stack ML engineers.

Other companies typically provide specialists dedicated to specific aspects of data science. You might encounter AI researchers who delve into experiments, explore new neural network architectures, and adapt projects to various domains. Some ML engineers implement, optimise, and deploy these neural networks in production. Other MLOps specialists focus on operational aspects, managing pipelines and system deployments.

But here’s where S-PRO makes a difference. Our engineers can handle all the processes of implementing AI in business listed above. When we assign a dedicated team or engineer to your project, they can cover the entire life cycle of your AI feature independently. They engage with you, understand your vision, propose tailored implementations, and adapt existing AI solutions to your unique context.

We believe in fostering a wide range of competencies. We nurture full-stack AI expertise within our company, where our engineers can seamlessly blend their skills with prompt engineering.

We also recognise the value of tools like ChatGPT, which excels in various features, sometimes even outperforming custom algorithms. Our AI/ML engineers leverage these tools as a baseline, ensuring efficiency and reducing uncertainty, particularly in uncharted domains. Learn more about the importance of this synergy in our article on the generative AI market.

On top of that, S-PRO’s expertise goes beyond the technical part. We blend our AI knowledge with business acumen, providing a comprehensive perspective on your project.


Using AI in business is a new necessity in today’s world. It’s a way to streamline your operations, improve customer experience, and gain a competitive edge. If you’re eager to embrace AI, rely on S-PRO’s profound expertise. Just contact our experts to discuss your AI solution idea further.

Igor Izraylevych