Why This Is a Good Idea to Hire Developers from Eastern Europe

Why This Is a Good Idea to Hire Developers from Eastern Europe

Why in Eastern Europe? Well, don’t you want to get an application of the highest quality at the lowest price possible? That’s what everybody wants and that’s reasonable. Because why would you want to pay lots of money just to test your idea? Let’s be honest, that’s the main concern you have when reading this article. And I promise you, we will get to the bottom of this.

When you need to choose developers for your project there is no need to focus on locals only. There are many advantages when preferring to outsource. Here’s a challenge! Now you have much more options to choose, as developers from around the world are always ready to cooperate with you. So you need to choose the best ones taking into consideration their specialization, professional qualities, and suitable rates.

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If you get a glimpse at how much different developer teams charge per hour, the choice is obvious for you, as hourly rates in Eastern Europe are much pleasant plus the quality is within the highest level.

That’s not just our opinion. Have you heard of the biggest freelance platform Upwork? That’s not just a random freelance site, it performs more than $1 billion worth transactions per year. In 2015 they opened their office in Ukraine. The reason is simple - in 2014 Ukrainian freelancers took the first place in Europe and the 4th place in the world according to the amount of money they earn on Upwork. That means that clients from around the world trust Ukraine their projects and are satisfied with the hourly rates.

We shall, therefore, focus on Ukraine. Plus we know the situation from the inside out, so check 6 reasons why you should think of hiring Ukrainian developers:

  • Upwork recognition

Figures speak for themselves. The 1st place in Europe and the 4th in the world means something, right?

  • Higher technical education

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Around 80% of Ukrainians have higher education. Moreover, it is mostly technical, as historically, our country put a strong emphasis on engineering and the sciences. For example, Zaporizhia is one of the biggest centers where the best technical experts are concentrated. So we have seized the opportunity to collect the cream of the crop and became the top 5 IT-companies of Zaporizhia region in 2017 according to Dou.ua, the largest community of developers.

  • Innovative approaches

Have you heard of blockchain? If not, then, in short, it is an unbroken chain of data blocks that no one owns, therefore there’s no cheating possible. That’s one of the hype technologies nowadays that Ukrainian devs use at the full speed. Not to mention, lots of conferences held recently that aim at finding innovative approaches to apps development.

  • High-level language skills

If you’re afraid of having misunderstanding due to the native language difference, just don’t be. Most people in Ukraine, especially highly educated, know English on the business level as there is more and more cooperation held with foreign partners nowadays. Moreover, each progressive company has its own English language teacher, so developers progress constantly.

  • Close to Western Europe

We have a lot in common with these countries in terms of culture, history, and approach to work. Ukrainian developers use a collaborative and creative approach to apps development. Similar legal regulations make the whole process easier and smoother. Also, it is just two hours from the UK time zone, so cooperation within the working hours is much convenient.

  • Lower living standards

Along with lower salary Ukraine has a lower cost of living. For example, a cup of coffee costs less than $1, but in Western Europe, it is around $2-$5. This list can be continued.

All of those points prove that Ukrainian developers are the best combination of higher quality and lower price.

By the way, Ukrainians are active participants in the process of tech world development. Just check the most famous startups, like online grammar-checking system Grammarly, the first fully working on solar energy autonomous house PassivDom, and Petcube’s video camera, which allows pet owners to communicate and play with their pets being at a distance. That’s just a few. You’ll find much more after a search.

In general, the more active development company is, the better. If they participate or even organize conferences, win hackathons or show their internal life in social media, then they will use the latest technologies, build strong connections and make sure your app is of the best quality possible.

Let us speak for ourselves. During 2017 our company took part in numerous conferences, won the Microsoft Blockchain Intensive, came up with our own startup Cryptowatt, organized local JS conference and Behance Portfolio Review Week in Zaporizhia, and even opened a new office in Kyiv. We had lots of challenges, but we stood up. And that’s where Upwork comes in once again. As we are the top 10 React Native experts on Upwork. The last but not the least treasure is our projects. They serve different spheres and solve multiple tasks.Why This Is a Good Idea to Hire Developers from Eastern Europe - photo 4

That’s just our example. How much more it is done by the whole Ukrainian developer’s community!


Distance is not an excuse to accept unfavorable terms of the partnership. Slack, Skype and simply meetings in person is what makes this partnership favorable and productive. Being close to Western Europe makes it even easier. Our clients already experienced these advantages. Here how we greeted them in our office.

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Think how much more you can do with the same amount of resources. Widen your horizons. Make a high-quality product at a beneficial price with specialists from Eastern Europe!

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