How to Change the World for the Better or Our Utopian Future with Blockchain

How to Change the World for the Better or Our Utopian Future with Blockchain

A brave new world, thanks to sensor technology and many others! Every movement is monitored. You can walk around inside the house without ever having to flip a switch. The house detects, interprets, and makes life easier: doors, lights, electrical and electronic devices, even the toilet seat lifts and lowers automatically. Can this be real?

Do you often feel like the world could be better? Cause I do… Like, constantly.

And you know what? It is already changing!

The excitement I feel discovering the possibilities of Blockchain for the world in general and each person, in particular, comes from not only imagining, but seeing a utopian future and understanding that the tools to achieve it already exist. You can probably tell, I’m overreacting and it is impossible to implement globally, but you won’t disagree if you dive deep into its potential.

What’s the problem?

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In the last decade, day-to-day life hasn’t changed much. For the majority of us, life revolves around working a job that we might not even enjoy, doing some home stuff and randomly seeing our closest people. That’s in general. I know you might object to it thinking there’s more. But be honest, do you ever look at the state of affairs of the world and get a vague, itchy sense that we are devolving?

We hope that everything can be fixed, but everywhere see the proofs that it won’t be. The powerful people seem to care only about getting the best of what this life has to offer. It even looks like they aren’t willing to change anything.


So the main issue is a huge amount of remaining challenges that should be resolved.

Here’s a solution!

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So, let’s start this off on a more positive note, shall we? The issue can be resolved. Blockchain is the technology that can change everything significantly.  It is designed to make transactions safe and reliable even if the people doing them don’t trust each other. It can be used as a platform to create new technological systems.

Why is this important? Because it gives us the power to understand the uncensored truth and origins of any subject at hand. It provides us with up to date information about what is going on right now. It is stored indefinitely. It’s always accessible. It creates an infinite string of valuable information!

That’s how the internet is structured now. Say you want to get some info. You use Google. You type in, let’s say, “cat”, a cat image appears. Awesome. So why did this happen? Well, that’s because somebody took a picture of a cat and uploaded it onto their blog. That’s cool, right? Nope, that’s the issue…

It happens in every sphere… In commerce, information acquisition, education, job opportunities. This is why centralization is bad. Everyone can borrow or even steal your data without hesitation. Decentralized blockchains fix this issue!

What’s next?

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Imagine that blockchain is already integrated into our everyday lives. No more corporate greed. No more monopoly with all those consequences. No more restrictions. How empowering would that be? Let’s see how blockchain can revolutionize different areas of our life, in the most beautiful and exciting ways!

  • Getting rid of intermediaries

Are you annoyed about being poor? Or maybe you have a middle-sized company and think that the world is under your feet? Well, it’s not! There are people ruling all your actions, because you’re in the system where everything works through the middlemen like banks, insurance companies and all those re-sellers who does nothing but make you pay more, much more. Are you fed up with that? Here is when blockchain can stand up for us and let us get rid of all those parasites. What if instead of some miracle circumstance, you could begin pushing your life forward right now, with the tools you have, and the knowledge in your noggin. Will that encourage you to continue reading?

  • Instant reward for value

With blockchain technology, your contribution will be rewarded instantly, right now. It’s not like at work you get a raise only when some guy after long consideration and lots of “if”s will award you with so much desired few bucks and you should treat it like you hit the jackpot.

  • Your ideas matter

Your ideas can be voted on and implemented based on their practicality, instead of your societal position. Actually, it’s like in a social network. You can expand and share your knowledge instead of consuming some pop star’s obscene photos or hateful posts on social media. Isn’t that awesome!

  • True democracy

How about your political system? Does that bother you? Would you like to know for sure if your vote is being counted? Or if someone was mis-elected? With blockchain, truly representative democracy can be created. No records will be changed. Once and for all, your voice matters. Who will lead your country in this case? Well, guess by yourself.

  • New internet

You are about to make an important video conference with your potential and so desired business partner, but… The internet connection has gone or what’s even cooler—you were hacked and all the important documents were stolen. Your security is at risk. Imagine the doors of possibility that would open up with blockchain. Instant, direct, uninterrupted connectivity, to anyone, anywhere. No need to say about security, as it’s very hard to hack.

  • Banks again

Already mentioned but should be repeated. As it often happens when you need to make a transaction. Sometimes that is not so easy and fast. With blockchain, information would be uncensored and easily accessible on the basis of its intrinsic value, instead of being shoved down your throat by somebody who wants to profit off of you. Cool!

  • Money

How about money? That should be easier. What if, instead of centralized banking institutions, we structured our society around a free-flowing, decentralized pool of wealth. The more you contribute to society, the more wealth you get. As right now it is way far from this if I’m being honest. From now on you shouldn’t fear that someone can steal your money and never give you the value. You will forget about trust issues forever. How many nerves saved?

  • Stop overproduction

Okay, let’s continue with the simplest. You don’t need that much stuff. At the moment car-sharing services are already gaining popularity. Blockchain can improve this industry significantly. Also, forget about photo cameras that you use once a month at most. By the way, with blockchain, it would be possible to track the producer of each item. It will result in better quality of the items, as complaining would be easier.

  • Solar energy

Imagine you have your own solar station, everything is automated, there is more than enough electricity for you. And here comes the idea to sell that electricity. But power company gets too much commission for energy transportation, you get less money, buyers need to pay way more. How cool would that be to sell electricity without losing income? Blockchain is of great help here!



These ideas are not some far-fetched utopia. The path to this future is being paved right now!

As exciting as this all is, there is still a long way to go before this gets fully implemented. The good thing? The more people understand the potential of this technology, the faster it can get implemented! So let’s all hop on board and boost these new systems into fruition!


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