S-PRO: 2020 in Review

S-PRO: 2020 in Review

2020 has been a special year for the whole world. As we look back, we would like  to share some great things that we achieved this year. We are proud to became a software development partner to 39 new clients in 2020. Now we provide digital innovative solutions to a wide range of companies around the globe. In October 2020, we established a strategic partnership with SARS Capital, an investment banking company. Over the past year, 82 new talented and passionate people have joined S-PRO.

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Recognition and awards

S-PRO is frequently mentioned as a top company in different domains such as Artificial Intelligence or FinTech and recognized as a leading service provider by Clutch and GoodFirms.

In 2020 we received awards in multiple categories:

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We have taken leading positions in the top software development companies ratings like Clutch.co, TechReviewer, Top App Development Companies, TopDevelopers.co

Strengthening FinTech expertise

We are actively building robust domain expertise in the FinTech industry by growing subject matter experts internally. Our approach to each project is a business-oriented team. The main areas of our experts are trading, wealth management, and banking.

During 2019, we shared our best practices and approaches with our clients through online webinars and various content materials.

We succeeded in running online webinars:

Social Responsibility

In August, together with the European Association of Software Engineering EASE, we provided support for our colleagues from Belarus. Olena Izraylevych, CFO of S-PRO, think that we need to help everyone who, for whatever reason, decides to relocate the team. 58 Ukrainian companies have joined our initiative. Together we have created a relocation and legal issues support line. 49 Belarusian companies applied for support, 18 companies take advantage of it. We accommodated 22 people in our office.

The famous worldwide association of outsourcing companies, the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals, conducted an independent assessment of outsourcing service providers and advisors' capabilities through a rigorous, opt-in application process. S-PRO was featured alongside other TOP 100 powerful companies as a company with Programs for Corporate Social Responsibility. S-PRO performs with recognizable names in the outsourcing service providers and advisors for not staying aside and making this world a better place to live. It’s a great honour and encouragement to move forward and do even more.

Thanks for being with us! We look forward to achieving new exciting results in 2021 together!

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