S-PRO was recognized as a Top Development Partner in Ukraine by Clutch!

Here at S-PRO, we know it can be taxing on any new project to keep up with the latest and greatest software techniques while also trying to stay afloat during harsh economic times. That’s where we can help! We’re an innovative technology partner that helps create inventive solutions and digitize the core processes. With a team of over 150 experts, we have the capabilities to provide a sophisticated personal approach to deliver even your most far-fetched business goals!

In recognition of our success and impact, we’ve been named one of the top developers in Ukraine among hundreds of companies by Clutch, a B2B market research firm. We were graded based on our dedication to quality, customer service, project management, and fair pricing. We’re happy to report we’ve earned an excellent 4.9 out of five stars on Clutch so far! Clutch employs a unique ranking formula to compare and contrast service leaders around the world. 

S-PRO was recognized as a Top Development Partner in Ukraine by Clutch! - photo 2

“We’re excited to be recognized for doing what we love! Our presence here is highly important for the team and the clients. But we are not going to stop here and continue going to further achievements.  Thank you, the team of Clutch, for helping us earn this award!”–  Igor Izraylevych Co-founder/CEO.

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