Security Matters: Improve Your Security With The Help Of A Software Development Company

Security Matters: Improve Your Security With The Help Of A Software Development Company

In March of 2020, one of the biggest cybersecurity breaches happened; everyone knows it as the SolarWinds breach. Thousands of confidential information from different local, state, and federal agencies were illegally accessed and affected a whopping number of 18,000 customers. Many businesses were also affected, leading them to lose all their important information with just one mistake.

If you have a fintech software business, chances are your software will be a target for some hackers out there, especially that your software product offers digital finance services such as mobile banking, digital lending, credit, mobile payment, and such.

Wanting to improve your software product business’ security isn’t that complicated at all, and it is because a fintech software development company is always at your service. There are still chances of the SolarWinds breach happening again, and you’ll never know what the hackers’ next target is. If you want to secure your software product from all those threats, then maybe you should take your next step.

Software Development Companies: What Are They And What Do They Offer?

The next step is to hire a software development company. We, at S-PRO, are a group of experts specializing in designing, developing, and creating software products that are secure and safe to use. We can also serve as a research & development center determined to use our expertise in deep technology to produce quality software products and offer services to ensure product security. 

Not only do we show expertise in all of the services we offer, but we are passionate and have a deep understanding of your proposed product and niches. Our experts will also determine your product’s goals, its scope, and its market. 

Our experts ensure that we keep track of our progress in developing your product and have other product testings to ensure your product is ready and good to go. More so, our R&D lab is a team of experts who will review your business and its nature first before providing a product development offer. By analyzing your business and its goals, we would figure out your software product and how it will be a hit in the market.

To help businesses reach their goals, your software product should have a unique security system and provide users a good experience with using your software product.

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Our software development company has different options for different needs, such as business analysis, web and mobile app development, quality assurance, DevOps, and maintenance. Other services offered to help boost your business are UI/UX designing, which improves usability and implements a cohesive user experience by improving the design of the user interface.

Before releasing your software product, our company’s experts will ensure quality by conducting several tests to determine and fix bugs and adding additional features if needed. In this way, you can detect potential risks early and eliminate them so they won’t damage your product once it is released.

These services are all a software product needs to achieve the highest quality. Our software development experts are dedicated to providing these services to attract customers to your well-developed software product. No worries and doubts about potential risks and threats. Your business is sure to reach its target market if proven safe and secured with the help of S-PRO’s software development experts.

These Common Software Vulnerabilities Shouldn’t Be Left Unnoticed And Here's Why

When browsing an app, whether it may be a web app or mobile app, several glitches or bugs can be experienced. We tend to close the app and restart it to make it disappear. But little do you know that those simple glitches and bugs can signal a major problem in software? That is why in assessing your software product, it is important to take note of different common software vulnerabilities and how they could affect your product if not taken into action.

  • Bugs. They are the most common software vulnerability, which indicates a slight error in certain software. Although tolerable, some serious bugs can also signal a threat regarding stealing of information and system failure.
  • Broken Access Control. If there is an area in your software wherein only authorized admins can access and restrictions are not carried out properly, it can cause major software weaknesses. Hackers and unauthorized users can access confidential information shared only by the authorized people within a software.
  • Missing Authentication. Just like the broken access control, missing authentication means failing to complete an authentication process and leaving your information scattered all over, opening an opportunity for hackers to gain and disclose private information that the users provided.
  • Buffer Overflow. This is when someone attempts to store data but ends up buffering due to big data size, letting hackers seize this coding mistake to enter and gain access to the users’ system.

Other common software vulnerabilities include injection flaws, exposure of information, and security misconfiguration. We should never let these vulnerabilities slide past our software just because they look simple but because they bring potential harm to your product and your business.

One thing to ensure security over your software product is to have it digitally signed. A software product that is not digitally signed can be easily determined if a security warning pops up before a user installs a certain software product. Security warnings discourage software downloads that are unsafe and can bring potential harm to users’ devices since it is not digitally signed and the developer of the product is not checked properly.

Improve Your Software Product’s Security Right Now

At S-PRO, product development is our top priority. For as long as threats and breaches exist, so does our dedication to generating quality software products and offering the best product development options. We will continue to use our expertise to help both businesses and users experience the best and safest product software experience.

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