Top 10 Startups for Your Inspiration

Top 10 Startups for Your Inspiration

If you are reading it now, then you are among those who think about your own idea. Right? Objections are not to be taken! Here’s the thing—you can create your own startup without millions in your bank account. It is affordable for everyone. Have doubts? We’ll dispel them here!

But first let me explain to you who exactly needs to read this article - those who want to gain more money and popularity, influence the startup growth, develop unbelievable self-improvement and innovative thinking. That’s the things that you will get while building a startup, and even more. This article will inspire you to do the first step towards all of that. Is it about you? Then continue reading!

There is a whole new class of companies launched in the latest years that gained popularity in 2017 hoping to change the world, become the next unicorn—or just build a successful business. Let's learn from the most outstanding ones and make our own impact in the future.

#1. Hubspring

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Being in the heart of US health care, ordinary physicians came up with an idea of the Hub—a cross-platform digital ecosystem for the healthcare system. It is a solution for the hospital's staff giving an opportunity to securely cooperate within a group via messenger, file sharing system and lots of other features.

The story of the hub started in 2015 and in 2017 it became one of the TOP 5 finalists of the startup showcase-2017 at eMerge Americas conference.

The Hub has already launched in 19 medical institutions. More than 5K doctors enjoy working with it every day and the number of subscribers is constantly growing.

Impressive, right? You see, they just were not satisfied with how some processes were arranged and knowing exactly what to improve, they just made it much more efficient with their app.

By the way, we helped them to make their idea a reality. Want to know more? Check it all here.

#2. Earny

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Earny tracks the prices on everything you buy and gets you your money back when the price drops.

Israeli developers have come up with this idea after shopping and trying to get their money back via a price protection policy. They just figured out how to automate this process.

It’s easy to use, no need to track the process, just fill in the needed information and the app itself will file for credit after finding a better price.

This startup was founded in 2015 and has already gained 2,5 million US dollars of investment. It tracks purchases from 50 stores already and is planning to spread its possibilities.

So automation of a trivial process might be very useful and gain much popularity among others.

#3. Modsy

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Modsy lets you try out furniture in your own virtual house before you buy it. The startup transforms photos you take of any room into the home of your dreams. You just take pictures of the room you want to redesign, upload them to Modsy, then you can change anything you like there.

There is also a virtual reality view of the room available. Modsy founder Shanna Tellerman has a long history with 3D platforms, like Autodesk. So she was experienced enough to create the process that is similar to a film pipeline with preproduction, production, and post-production.

Modsy was founded in 2015 and has already gained more than $10 million.

It is already possible to buy things right after you've chosen the best design of your room, there are links to retailers. Although in the future there will be a button, so every customer could buy the desired furniture much faster.

How many times you wondered would something suit your room? Brilliant app, right?

#4. Textio

Top 10 Startups for Your Inspiration - photo 5Textio is a platform that analyzes text for how well words and phrases perform in certain scenarios. Its CEO Kieran Snyder with a co-founder Jensen Harris left Microsoft to start a new company in 2014 and since that the startup already raised over $20 million of investments.

The first focus of Textio was job postings—to determine how well they will perform among candidates. They found that certain words and layouts attract more candidates than others.

It recognizes more than 60,000 phrases. Textio is already in use of some big companies, like Microsoft, Twitter, etc. In the future it might work for all kinds of documents, thus making texts more attractive and valuable.

Would you like to get what you inquire for from the first attempt?

#5. Turfassistant

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Turfassistant is an app which helps a superintendent to cope with responsibilities effectively. Such daily grounds operations for a course as managing workers, equipment, routines, budgets, expenses, receipts, spreadsheets, maintaining records, and meeting members expectations can be done with a fingertip.

The release of the app was in December 2016 and from the very start gained positive feedbacks on the functions of the application from the golf club managers. In total, up to 92% of app users are completely satisfied with the quality of the app’s functionality and usability.

The founder of Turfassistant has experience in golf sphere for more than 10 years. He knew everything about the daily challenges of golf superintendents and came to us with the idea of an app.

This app is used on around 6 golf courses, big American companies prefer using it every day.

Would you like such an assistant that helps you manage all routine tasks?

#6. CiBO Technologies

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CiBO Technologies offers a big-data analytics platform for sustainable agriculture that helps improve yields.

It helps farmers to maximize their crop yields while reducing the impact on the environment, managing risk in crop insurance, predicting commodity price fluctuations, improving crop testing, and valuing farmland, etc.

It was founded in 2014 and has raised over $30 million of investments. They see the search for the best ways to catalyze a truly sustainable revolution in agriculture as their mission.

Agriculture automation is very important now when the number of inhabitants on Earth is growing. So this startup will never lose its value!

#7. DeepMap

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DeepMap is a startup that's building maps for autonomous vehicles. It’s one of the most successful attempts to create a map for the cars of the future, so they could “see” the road.

This startup was founded in 2016 and has received over $32 million in investments.

Both founders of DeepMap have previous experience working with mapping, so they are really hard workers in this sphere.

DeepMap's co-founders hope to leverage previous experience with digital mapping, mostly outside the automotive realm. They are going to constantly create and update maps for autonomous vehicles.

To drive the car without people’s efforts is a popular wish. Will you choose a car with this digital navigation maps?

#8.  Misty Robotics

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Misty Robotics, a spinoff of Sphero, is a hardware company that builds personal robots for homes and offices.

Founded in 2017, it has already received about $11,5 million investments. The founders of Misty Robotics came from other company Sphero to create a special robot for home. It has to be affordable, capable and perform some tasks that people either can’t or simply don’t want to perform. The plan is to bring such a robot to each and every home.

Will you like to have such an assistant at home?

#9. OpCity

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OpCity makes cloud software for real estate brokerages that helps match agents with prospective home buyers. There is no commission for using the service until the deal is closed.

It was founded in 2015 and now has an investment of $27 million. More than 4,000 agents and 350 brokerages in 7 US states have signed on to the platform. First investments were raised from friends and family.

Using data and applied analytics, Opcity’s unique technology and a matching algorithm convert online inquiries into transactions, increasing the conversion rate by three to five times the industry average. The plan for the future is to simply expand the geography and amount of this platform users.

Have you ever tried to sell or buy some real estate object? Then you might know how exhausting it is and you would really appreciate OpCity.

#10. Climate Drops Platform

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Climate Drops is a Ukrainian startup that put the whole process of monetary compensation for environment care under control.

There are institutions in Ukraine that have to compensate people money for environment care. These payments are lost because of corruption. Climate Drops solve the problem of losing money among others. With this app, people can earn a certain amount of coins for choosing a bicycle instead of a gasoline car, using solar panels, and warming houses. For these coins, they can drink a cup of coffee for free at a coffee shop, or get discounts and bonuses in stores. Businesses, in their turn, can receive these coins and then sell a part of them to the funds.

Climate Drops Platform was launched in Ukraine in September 2017. The launch started from  Zhytomyr, Vinnytsia, and Kyiv. The founders of this startup have previous experience with environment care, so they know a lot about this sphere and can create the best possible tool for the causes described. In the nearest future, the app will be used in other Ukrainian regions.

There 's more! Check the technical details here.


As you see, anyone can start their own startup. It might be connected with your professional experience or just solve the random issue that you have encountered in your life. It is vitally important to be inspired, precisely by other examples. Have we accomplished this task?

Then why are still here - go on to your future success!

By the way, as you can see almost all of them have external investments. So you don’t need to be rich to develop your idea into a startup.

If you got inspired, we have something to show you. Practical examples might be of real help here. You will see how easy and beautiful your startup might be.


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