Top 9 Design Trends for 2019 That Will Push Your Business Further

Vlad Hrebeniuk

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Top 9 Design Trends for 2019 That Will Push Your Business Further - Blog S-PRO

We continue keeping track of the most innovative trends in every sphere including design. Last year we have put together the predictions for mobile app and logo design trends. The year before that we’ve shared top 10 design trends with our audience. Now is 2019. And it’s time to evaluate the most promising approaches in both interface and graphical design that will dominate the whole year and possibly the next ones.

Nowadays the number one trend in design is context. Technologies become more polished, browsers are getting faster, therefore, a design should keep pace with innovations. Indeed every design can be created in a better way.

Let’s see what design perspectives 2019 have to offer us!

#1. Bold colors

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Designers continue experimenting with colors. And that’s no wonder as color adds mood and provides a certain message that catches user’s eye for sure. Supersaturated tones attract even more. All these aspects make bold colors help a business stand out.

#2. Animation

Animation trend - Blog S-PRO

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New browser possibilities offer brand-new design opportunities. Motion design in interfaces intersects with psychology showing more information that could have been lost taking into account the newest tendency to simplicity.

Animations in interfaces engage users on a much deeper level by grabbing their attention and giving a meaning at every second of interaction. Motion has a storytelling aspect that resonates with each and every customer.

#3. 3D in interfaces

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It’s not new but goes on a higher level of execution. For a stack of reasons, designers tried to avoid 3D models in interfaces, although now with better browsers it becomes more of a must-have feature.

This is very useful for the companies that need to show details of some tech process and give their customers a clear understanding of how some things work. 3D visualization makes it all possible becoming a very powerful design tool.

#4. Burning gradients and darkness

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Designers never get tired of experimenting with gradients. Nowadays gradients are seen as a way to give depth and dimension. It’s simple and delicate.

More blazing colors with clear light that look really good in the dark background. The best design works will be represented by the ones with an ideal balance of vibrant colors and dark themes. That’s a great way to emphasize the most important elements.

#1. Custom made illustrations

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Those businesses who really want to stand out in 2019 should adopt custom made illustrations and enjoy times more conversions than ever before. A one-of-a-kind illustration backed by bold colors will definitely make a positive impact on business success.

#2. Animations

Animations - Blog S-PRO

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Animations are everywhere. Wondering why? They make the user interact with what you promote or show. Animations become an essential part of all kinds of design spheres. Therefore we can’t omit to mention them here.

#3. Fake 3D

Fake 3D - Blog S-PRO

Source: Dribbble

It is closely tied with other trends but here we want to emphasize the fake 3D approach that emulates 3D using conventional design tools. That would definitely make an impression on potential customers.

#4. Augmented Reality

AR - Blog S-PRO

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Who hasn’t heard of augmented reality? Web and app design feels the increasing impact of arising technologies. More and more businesses are making the first steps in this area trying to implement it on their web and mobile applications.

#5. Negative space

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This trend gets more popularity each new year. It’s laconic and simple. Emphasizes the most important information. There are many use cases in web and app design. Negative space holds an increasing number of benefits for business.


Each and every year brings more fresh ideas for designers that tend to experiment with existing and upcoming design methods. All for the purposes of increasing the interface’s usability and user-friendliness.

There are millions of users with different tastes and sometimes uncommon understanding what feels good for them. So to be successful every business should take it into objective and make use of the best that modern design can offer.

Make 2019 the year your business stands out!

Vlad Hrebeniuk