We stand for Ukraine

We stand for Ukraine

Ukraine has been in the international news for six days already. Our clients and partners are constantly asking how the situation is going, how S-PRO is handling it in Ukrainian offices, and how to help. 

We continue to work, albeit in a limited capacity. We are gradually restoring our workflow and trying to get back to the routine step by step every day. S-PRO is an international company with employees all over the world, this helps us a lot. The situation is quite complicated, but we are doing our best to fulfill our obligations to clients and employees.

What is the S-PRO position? 

The Russian invasion has upended the lives of everyone in Ukraine and has changed how we are securing the collaboration and delivery process for all our clients.

  • We believe that Ukraine will overcome the current aggression and will come out stronger.

  • Our main responsibility is to guarantee the safety of our employees in Ukraine. During the last few days, our Ukrainian team has been focused on relocation to safe places with a stable internet connection. Our employees are spread out in many different locations now, but we have developed our remote operational processes for the last two years and are prepared.
    Moreover, we have created a support channel for our employees where we monitor each team member’s safety. The whole team is helping each other more than ever before!

  • We are continuing our partnerships with clients and providing development services. S-PRO will fulfill its obligations to partners under any circumstances. We guarantee strong professional ethics, a high level of service, transparency, and careful consideration of your needs. As before, we are focused on maintaining existing and establishing new long-term relationships with our partners in Europe and the United States — as a company, and as a country. The most helpful thing you can do right now is to continue working with Ukrainian businesses to secure the Ukrainian economy. We are very grateful to our clients who are helping us and who believe in peace.
  • We are guaranteeing the security of your data. We have been actively working on ensuring the security of our clients' data since 2014. S-PRO doesn’t have physical servers. All code is stored in cloud storage. Only our lead DevOps, who lives in Armenia, has access to this cloud storage. Therefore, all your data is secure and cannot be hacked.

Here is what S-PRO CEO Igor Izraylevych is saying about the situation:

“Ukraine is more than ever motivated to do the unbelievable in this most difficult situation. At the moment, a million mechanisms are working harmoniously to turn this nightmare into a real miracle! And I believe it will happen! All Ukraine is trying to do the impossible to bring peace to the whole world. Our company is taking part in this and supporting Ukraine, even when this task is not easy. Many have written to me these days, and unfortunately I have not been able to answer everyone on time and thoroughly, but I am grateful for your support!”

What is happening in Ukraine at the moment, besides the war?

  • Support of the army by the entire population. Our efforts are producing excellent results.
  • Ukraine is fighting with a Russian propaganda machine built over decades. Our cyber police are doing a great job. Their work is actively supported by a huge online community of programmers and cyber experts. In these few days, almost every IT specialist has become a bit of a cyber specialist. The information dome that has been working for decades is collapsing!
  • Spirits are rising. Our faith in the Ukrainian nation, army, and culture has become 44 million times stronger! We are frightened, tired, and separated, but the unity is strengthening every hour.

How to help Ukraine 

Many of you are reaching out and offering help to Ukrainians. We are grateful from the bottom of our hearts that everyone is searching for a solution to the Russian aggression. 

If you want to help fight this madness:

  • Speak up. Write your opinion on social networks! 
  • Donate to the Ukrainian army (https://www.supportukraine.co/)
  • If you are a programmer, join the cyber security groups. 


Let’s fight together!


COO, Co-Founder.
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