What Has Amazed Us on IForum 2019

What Has Amazed Us on IForum 2019

iForum traditionally is quite a big event, this year was even bigger than I expected. That’s concerning the people who attended it and the number of companies represented on one hand, and regarding the physical size of some impressive technologically driven items exhibited there on another. In addition to Artificial Intelligence-based startups and dedicated blockchain stream, there was even an amazing cutting-edge-of-technology completely autonomic house created by famous Ukrainian startup.

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PassivDom creates sustainable houses using AI and 3D technology providing full autonomy, mobility, and energy efficiency.

Business people and engineers were meeting there delivering a vision of technology and marketing possibilities to each other and to the community in general. Significant attention was drawn to Computer Vision, Drones and Robotics, Energy and Electrical innovations along with building technologies.

Currently, S-PRO is investing in AI and ML, so we were paying special attention to this field.

AI startups represented at iForum operate in a pretty wide range of technologies:

  • image processing, object recognition, eye tracking systems

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Behavior is the first Ukrainian educational platform engaged in the creation and organization of educational programs in the field of neuroscience. They offer many interesting opportunities for anyone interested in neuroscience, physiology, neuromarketing, and healthcare.

  • chatbots in education, events organization, and so on

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Uamaster is the first Ukrainian company that offers a full range of internet marketing services allowing the business to obtain the maximum profit from their internet projects.

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Sparksystems is a unique Ukrainian company that specializes in developing only educational chatbots. They help to automate organizational processes related to training and post-training activities.

There was an extremely impressive speech from CEO of NeoCotext Oles Petriv. He has presented a new creative tool - generic artificial neural networks that open up automating classification, semantic segmentation, object recognition, and numerous other possibilities. You may find more information about his speech at iForum website.

Blockchain section was represented there. It was sponsored by any.cash.

Lots of famous business people appeared there, and even highest top politicians attended the event - just elected and inaugurated president of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky gave a speech. The main message ensures the technological society and investors that the Ukrainian government and entrepreneurs working with a strong synergy from a technological perspective. It will definitely improve the Ukrainian economy and it’s internal and external business environment and connections.

This was the largest and most noticeable technological networking event in Ukraine in 2019!

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